Wednesday, March 21, 2018

volkswagen suspension is better than japanese car suspension

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

diesel mercedes benz pre 1999 are made to run forever

John Smith
14 hours ago
That old diesel Mercedes ("that's gonna blow up|), will definitely be functional long after all the other cars in your video will have been recycled for paper clips! ;)


Blanco Escondido
Blanco Escondido
13 hours ago
John Smith it's true. Diesel mercedes pre 1999 are made to run forever. Mine has over half a million miles. Let's see a Pagani do that lol I would still take a Pagani though haha


John Smith
John Smith
11 hours ago


Sunday, March 18, 2018

example of german challenging thus taking risk to make complex and new engineerings because they have the best engineering for best reliability and japanese cars having nothing to fail and stick to basic because they have mediocre engineering for reliability, is not not engineering level for reliability

Arnis Tarassu
Most answers are correct. It all boils down to one specific and "universal" explanation:
German vehicles are the most "fine tuned" (some call it "solid" or "high quality" or "luxurious") vehicles on the market. And the downside of being "over-engineered" is the complexity and reliability.
How can xxxx fail on very reliable vehicle xxxx if that vehicle doesn't even have it?

Example: ~20 years ago in 1996 BMW E39 5-series came out and it had engine bushings that are vacuum-controlled. The reason it has those is the possibility to dampen engine vibrations better. It does work and it does help and that is all good. But the fact that the system is there is a risk. So after 15-18 years of excellent work this system will eventually fail. Either the bushing cracks and starts leaking air or just the hoses crack and leak. That is not a problem, things must wear, but that air leak may result in something worse. For example pollutants in the air enter vacuum pump and eventually ruin it. Or vacuum gets so weak that any other vacuum controlled system like EGR, Variable Turbo Geometry, radiator curtain for cold weather or swirl flaps in inlet manifold stop working correctly.
Then we have unhappy German vehicle owner who hates that his/her vehicle does not work any more.
If we take a much reliable vehicle we will notice that those usually do not have non-essential systems (for example I mentioned radiator curtain and swirl flaps and even VGT). If there is no such things they just can't fail.

Even now when every BMW engineer knows that this system will eventually fail he/she will not change it. Because 15 years of excellent service is exactly what they want. And that is exactly what the first buyer wants. The fact that many parts last longer than 150 000 miles is just a bonus.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

bosch parts and german electrical parts are the best reliable and denso parts and japanese elctrical parts are very unreliable and break down often

3 weeks ago (edited)
+Fernando Fragoso ive also bought parts from bosch, magneti Marelli and denso...if i have to give reliability ranking, it would be bosch, magneti matelli and denso....ive used the denso o2 sensor, it did last only 1/2 life of bosch i have used....and the denso ECU computer got broken in my mazda after 10 years so i changed it and in 2 years, the same part was stop working...never i had problem with bosch ECU computers is the most sold because its the best parts....denso parts are cheaper because it's less of quality and it's sold less even though it's cheaper...never computer from bosch ever given me problems never beaten benz, audi, porsche, bmw in le mans 24 parts are far more reliable than denso...

the more expensive the car, the customers will be less tolerant about issues with the car

Frank Kemper
One has to make a difference between the actual reliability of a car and a customer rating. A customer rating shows how far a product is meeting the expectations of the customer. 20 years ago an Mercedes-Benz engineer told me what the most common customer complaints were from the buyers of a Mercedes SL roadster: Brake dust on the alloy wheels and - especially uttered with about the six litre V12 400 hp engine: Lack of engine power. Obviously both of these complaints are more or less pointless. If you have a two ton 400 hp car and you want to stop it down from  60 to 0 in less than 110 feet, you need monster brakes which will produce brake dust. Or you have weaker brakes with less effective brake pads - and  a longer stopping distance.

If a car is very expensive, the customers will be less tolerant about issues with the car. If your car rattles and squeaks, you will be more disappointed if the car has cost a fortune as if it was a bargain. And of course: If the car is fully equipped there is more equipment which can fail and break.

According to statistics done by German roadside organisation ADAC, German cars are average or better than average in terms of reliability. For sure they are well above average in price.

Monday, March 12, 2018

카메라 성능의 최고는 독일이다.

1일 전
카메라나 자동차  가성비는 일본이 낫지만 그래도 역시 최고로 쳐주는건 독일