Monday, May 25, 2015

The Greek Pontic Genocide

The Greek Pontic Genocide: Over 350,000 People Killed for Being Greek

The Pontic Genocide is one of the darkest moments in history, not only for Greeks but also for mankind. The Genocide erased from its ancestral and historic homeland in Pontus a culturally vibrant and unique part of the Greek population that had been fighting for its survival for about 3,000 years. An estimated 353,000 Pontian Greeks were killed during the genocide, and about 1,100,000 Greek Orthodox Christians from Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) were relocated to Greece in the population exchange of 1923, thus ending thousands of years of Hellenic civilization in Asia Minor. The worst part of this is that the Turkish government still denies the specific genocide, along with a few others they committed against mankind, and call the specific holocaust nothing but a historical harassment. (Source | Photo)

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