Monday, May 25, 2015

viet was khmer

Khmer Freedom
24 January at 00:01
Youn is a normal calling use by Thai, Laos and Khmer. .. When we talk about Youn invading Cambodia we know this basis on personal experience that they did… Ho Chin Minh told his Vietnam citizens they must prosper to take resources from Maykong River by any possibility.
Ho Chin Minh went to Hong Kong in 1930s to make IndoChinous of South Cambodia, but later was arrested by the Chinese government for 2 years… after Ho Chin Minh met Noradom Sinhanuk in Hanoi, they build a great relationship as god-father and god-son. He promise he can make Noradom Sinhanuk king of Cambodia if he agrees to some political conditions. 1941 Sinahuk became king, than he signed a 99 years territory’s right of Southern Cambodia to Vietnam, later Ho Chin Minh forge the concept of the treaty and force Southern Cambodia to today modern Vietnam, including Koh Tral island of Cambodia. ..and supplied weapons to the POL POT regime plot to destroy the entire country using the third hand of teenagers, farmer, exile prison, with the ruling and permission of King Noradom Sinhanuk, to attack against Marshal Lon Nol and Cambodia government and scholar. On January 17, 1979 Vietnam did not liberated Cambodia from Pol Pot, it a circuit show to make people believe Vietnam help Cambodia, which in reality it just an evil spot all along… Two month ago, Prime Minister Hun Sen, private told his fellow interrogation that “I was just a puppet of the “Youn” (Vietnam). “If you want me to be straight forward with you, I be straight forward with you, “Youn” has brought over 100,000+ undercover arm soldier in our Country now” .
As for me, I’m Khmer, I respect all races, religion and ethics, “youn” actually is YAMMIN closed to the border of China in the old old days, they look light skin like Chinese, and Nam Viet was closer to Cambodia, so people Cambodia call today Vietnam because they want to express “Youn” is to comparison to Chinese/Vietnamese communist, only saying to the tyranny leader of Vietnam, not to the ethical Vietnam citizens or person.

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