Monday, June 1, 2015

blacks are not africans originally. africans are term to refer to greek race living in geographical africa originally and below north africa today was not africa.

You're so much fool, med races are caucasoid in anthroplogie, and kushites are not egyptians, but indigenous horners who themselves tell that you're lying. Pure blooded arab in north africa are a minority, go look reals bédouins and arabians in middle east, they are not the same at all. Kmt means absolutely nothing, it's only a reference to the limon fertile of the nile, no koushites builded egyptians, they were ennemis of egyptians, they lives in tribes today and purest of them are full caucasoid of the afrasian world, negroes are nothing more than migrants. Even Africa is a berber and roman name LMFAO, berbers were called by all ifriqiyen people. Negroids are not africans, they are Niggeris, in romans scriptures, this is how you were called, you are related to southwestern africa, the rest have nothing to do with you, it's not your world in every plans, sorry. LMFAO, the purest semitic is Arabid, Syrid, Armenoid, the Mehri people are not arabs, they are a minority admixed with abyssinians ( who themselves have negroids bloods coz they were destroyed by egyptians ). You say nothing more than a bunch of lie, where did you get the information that they are the purest ? From your asshole ??? The picture that I have is not an arab man racially, but an iraqi, and he is semitic babylonian. You negroids are so jealous and need always to steal the history of others people, so pathetic. Middle East never been tropical LMFAO, negrocentrists are so funny ! So complexed !!! You are clearly disturbed and suffering ! The language of ancient egyptians and his legitime descendant, coptics who represents most of moderns egyptians ( that you are not ) have the same structure and composition of amazigh, arab, hebrew, aramean, syrian, chaldean, etc... why ??? Coz they were afrasians, not negroids fool guy ! All things that you saied are lies and destroyed by genetics tests, you speak about mixes, which is fool and ridiculous, and sho how frustrated you are, you cannot change millions of millions people, minorities rest minorities or they are absorbed by the time. According to genetic tests you are a lier, the negroids bloods does not exceed 5-10% for most of arabians, egyptians, levantines, mesopotamians and maghrebis, why ???? Why there is no pyramids in southwestern africa ? Why there is no scripture in southwestern africa ? Why there is not any stystem of write in southwestern africa ??? AHAHHAHAHA, countries from horn africa, sudan, etc... were just influenced by the arabization, just like egyptians, maghrebis, levantines and mesopotamians, you are fool. Here is how pure ancient semitic looks like, you are a lier. Ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, etc... : You have clearly no knowledge and you are a typical negrocentrist lier, to say that middle east were from horn africans ( abyssinians ) who themselves are not negroes for the purest of them LMFAO !!! They said themselves that you are liers : The man of my profile picture is a top model babylonian, he looks nothing of your fantasy of admixture lmfaooo. You never went in the babylonian iraqi museum to see ancient semites who clearly look for all of them like bedouins tribes ( arabians, syrians, etc... ) and are genetically pure or near pure semitic from original mesopotamia, not your negrocentrism fantasm ! Thoses men are Shammari, they are pure ishmaelites from Ishmael and Madian, they have genetically only one structure dominant related to ancient sumerians mesopotamians, they have nothing to do with admixed people, they are pure semitic. Semitics came from Mesopotamia and have nothing to do with your fantasm :

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