Friday, July 17, 2015

cambodians are darker than filipinos

2012-01-02, 03:29 #7 Multilingual Multilingual is offline Established Member Evolutionary Biologist -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Online:@ Join Date: 2010-12-26Posts:2,637Location: USAGender:Phenotype:MalaidMetaethnos:AustronesianEthnicity:Visayan United States Philippines Default I can see both of them in Indonesia. They can be dark for a variety of reasons. It can be because of geography. Indonesia is close to the equator. If they are from Sumatra, Java, or Bali, it could also be because of admixture from the past with Austro-Asiatics who we associate today with the Khmers of Cambodia, and who are often regarded as some of the most darkest Mongoloids, although part of that may be because of admixture with early "Australoid or Australoid-like" groups from the region such as Negritos, etc., and this can be mostly deep ancestry (similarly to ASI). The Austro-Asiatics use to predominate Sumatra, Java, and Bali before the arrival of the Austronesians (Filipino-like people), although this part is sketchy and debatable, but I won't go into it. Or they can have direct admixture with "Australoid or Australoid-like" groups in Sumatra, Java, and Bali in the recent or far past such as the Negritos and Orang Aslis. They can also have recent Dravidian admixture, as an example former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammed was 1/4 Keralan Indian. Another reason is that they can be from eastern Indonesia such as the Moluccas, Timor, and West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), and are admixed with the "Australoid" groups there such as the Papuan and Melanesians. There could be other reasons also.

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