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cambodians are darker and less mongoloid look than filipinos

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Originally Posted by foadi View Post
i am currently in manila, just arrived yesterday, and as i said before, i am surprised so many ppl voted the philippines on this one. it's easily near the bottom of the pack in southeast asia. you can find good lookers, sure, but on average the philippines is awful. i suspect a lot of filipinos voted in this poll or something. or it could be similar to the japanese effect, where people are voting purely on media exposure (the philippines gets more exposure in the west because there are more filipinos living in the west).

but ya, not impressed w filipino beauty at all.
maybe because a lot of Westerners like dark & exotic looking (which includes a lot of Filipinos) but many Asians think that look is ugly, they prefer light skin and East Asian-looking. I think if people knew more about Cambodians then it would be higher in the poll. They're more dark & exotic looking than Filipinos.

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