Monday, August 3, 2015

flouride in tap water is not just flouride but sodium flouride

Emily  • 2 months ago 

I just wanted to add; Flouride is not an element. Everyone gets confused, the element flourine becomes flourIDE when it is bonded with another element. (Remember from chemistry adding ide makes it a bond. CALCIUM flouride is very beneficial for our teeth and bones. SODIUM flouride is toxic. Can anyone take a gander at which one is in our tap water? Sodium flouride! That's another way to confuse the general public; by simply using the word flouride; when simply saying "flouride" is chemically incorrect. The leaders see the general population as a collective burden; they do now see us as individuals or care about us. The sooner everyone realizes this, the quicker we can start a revolution. My generation was twice the size of the baby boomers, imagine what we could get accomplished if we all just opened our eyes.
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