Thursday, August 20, 2015

germanic historical scholars have been fabricating greek and roman history as if germanic have something to do with greeks and romans

ah yes it drives me crazy....when germanic people say westerners as germanic or americans say westerners as americans....they think they are the representative of west....even they say we westerners as if west is only them germanic or americans....we westerners have this bad thing but that's only germanic people who have that bad thing not great hellas or latin europeans....I have even seen english girl said my culture to french foods and she equalizes her poor english foods to great french foods in summarizing as western food...what kind of complex these arrogant germanic people have in mind?!? germanic historical scholars even have been stealing and fabricating greek and roman history as to sound like as if it's there history in the name of vague 'western civillization' since miedival period. now I see germanic people think that music and food Greek and Middle Easterner have in common because middle easterner learned from greeks, come from middle east to greece because germanic don't have it common with greek people and they think they are the only one who is affected by greek civillization when germanic people infact learned greek cultures from arabs, and think ancient greeks have same root with germanic.....And they absurditly assume that ancient greeks were them who in reality greeks see as exotic looking northern barbarians and ancient greek culture must have been similar to germanic culture which greeks see as cultureless barbarians...and when greeks literally have nothing at all to do in history with germanic/slavic barbarians...

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