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The Ottoman rulers were greek

Notable muslims of Greek descent (non-conversions)
* Ahmed I -(1590 - 1617), Ottoman sultan, Greek mother Handan Sultan (originally named Helena (Eleni))- wife of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed III
* Ahmed III -(1673 – 1736), Ottoman sultan, Greek mother (Emetullah Rabia Gülnûş Sultan), originally named Evemia, who was the daughter of a Greek Cretan priest
* Bayezid I -(1354 - 1403), Ottoman sultan, Greek mother (Gulcicek Hatun or Gülçiçek Hatun) wife of Murad I
* Bayezid II -(1447 - 1512), Ottoman sultan, Greek mother (Amina Gul-Bahar or Gulbahār Khātun, tr:I. Gülbahar Hatun), a Greek Orthodox woman of noble birth from the village of Douvera, Trabzon
* Hayreddin Barbarossa,(c. 1478 – 1546), privateer and Ottoman admiral, Greek mother, Katerina from Mytilene on the island of Lesbos
* Ibrahim I,(1615 - 1648), Ottoman sultan, Greek mother (Kösem Sultan), the daughter of a priest from the island of Tinos; her maiden name was Anastasia and was one of the most powerful women in Ottoman history
* Mehmed IV, Ottoman sultan, Greek grand-mother, Kösem Sultan
* Muhammad al-Mahdi (ال&#1 573;ما م مح&#16 05;د بن ال&#15 81;سن ال&#16 05;هد& #1609;) also known as Hujjat ibn al-Hasan, final Imām of the Twelve Imams Shi'a, Greek mother, Her Greatness Narjis (Melika), was a Byzantine princess who pretended to be a slave so that she might travel from her kingdom to Arabia
* Murad I, Ottoman sultan, Greek mother,(Nilüfer Hatun (water lily in Turkish), daughter of the Prince of Yarhisar or Byzantine Princess Helen (Nilüfer))
* Murad IV (1612-1640), Ottoman sultan, Greek mother (Valide Sultan, Kadinefendi Kösem Sultan or Mahpeyker, originally named Anastasia)
* Mustafa I -(1591-1639), Ottoman sultan, Greek mother (Valide Sultan, Handan Sultan, originally named Helena (Eleni))
* Mustafa II -(1664-1703),[19][20][21][22] Ottoman sultan, Greek Cretan mother (Valide Sultan, Mah-Para Ummatullah Rabia Gül-Nush, originally named Evemia)
* Oruç Reis,(also called Barbarossa or Redbeard), privateer and Ottoman Bey (Governor) of Algiers and Beylerbey (Chief Governor) of the West Mediterranean. He was born on the island of Midilli (Lesbos), mother was Greek (Katerina)
* Osman II -(1604-1622), Ottoman sultan, Greek mother (Valide Sultan, Mahfiruze Hatice Sultan, originally named Maria)
* Selim I, Ottoman sultan, Greek mother (Gulbahar Sultan, also known by her maiden name Ayşe Hatun); his father, Bayezid II, was also half Greek through his mother's side (Valide Sultan Amina Gul-Bahar or Gulbahar Khatun - a Greek convert to Islam)- this made Selim I three-quarters Greek
* Suleiman I (Suleiman the Magnificent), Ottoman sultan, his father Bayezid II was three-quarters Greek; (Suleiman's mother was of Georgian origin).
* Shah Ismail I, the founder of Turkic-Persian Safavid Dynasty of Iran: Ismā'il's mother was an Aq Qoyunlu (Turkmen) noble, Martha, the daughter of Turkmen Uzun Hasan by his Pontic Greek wife Theodora Megale Comnena, better known as Despina Hatun. Theodora was the daughter of Emperor John IV of Trebizond whom Uzun Hassan married in a deal to protect Trebizond from the Ottomans.
* Kaykaus II, Seljuq Sultan. His mother was the daughter of a Greek priest; and it was the Greeks of Nicaea from whom he consistently sought aid throughout his life.
* Sheikh Bedreddin -(1359-1420) Revolutionary theologian, Greek mother named "Melek Hatun".
* Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt (Arabic: إب&#15 85;اه& #1610;م با&#15 88;ا‎) ‎ (1789 – November 10, 1848), a 19th century general of Egypt. He is better known as the (adopted) son of Muhammad Ali of Egypt. Ibrahim was born in the town of Drama, in the Ottoman province of Rumelia, currently located in the Macedonian region of Greece, to a Greek Christian woman and a man named Tourmatzis.

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