Monday, November 23, 2015

vietnamese send vietnamese people to cambodia to overtake cambodia

The writer forget to mention that everything is Viets plans. In the 1970-75 war they invaded Cambodia using Sihanouk name to cheat Sihanouk and khmer people that they came to help Sihanouk get back as the head of state of Cambodia. At the end of war, they sent their agents to infiltrate in Khmer Rouge administration and tricked Khmer Rouge to kill millions of Khmer people. As the result of the killing, khmers morale were low and Vietnam see it as an opportunity to conquer Cambodia by force. Majority of Khmers at had no choice but to accept Vietnamese out of fear of Khmer Rouge. If they really came to save us they should just leave us alone. Instead in every level Khmer Administration they have Vietnamese advisors everywhere. The keep sending their people illigally to Cambodia every day and the Viets immigrants in Cambodia now stand about 5 millions and among these 200000 to 300000 are viet soldiers hiding in Viet civilians clothes to protect Viet interest. Hun Sen has title as Cambodian PM, but in reality is just slave of the Vietnamese. It's PM who is designed by the Viet to serve viet interest. To Khmer people Hun Sen who had only two years high school education is not smart in leading the country but his master is the one who is smart.

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