Monday, November 23, 2015

what vietnamese did to cambodian

The Vietnamese are expansionists and colonists. They killed the Khmer people and practice institutional racism and persecutions against the Khmer people’s culture, customs, and celebrations. The Vietnamese relentlessly assault the Khmer langauge  Cambodia has lost a lot to the Vietnamese in terms of natural resources – the entire Mekong Delta region, 22 provinces, islands, sea, historical treasures, and much much more. In fact the Khmer Mekong Delta region has given rise to higher standard of living of millions of Vietnamese. Look up the Vinh Te Canal Project where the Vietnamese supervisors killed the Khmer workers under their charge burried the Khmer people deep in the ground up to their necks and burned them alive. Why don’t you look at the evidence of what the Vietnamese did to the captured American soldiers. Vietnamese are the cruelest people!!   After they invaded Cambodia, the Vietnamese did it again. This time they implemented the Vietnamese K5 genocidal plan that required hundreds of thousands of Cambodians to dig a canal to separate Cambodia from Thailand. Tens of thousands Cambodians were killed. Everything is well documented.Now do you understand why some Cambodians don’t like the Vietnamese because once you know the true nature of the Vietnamese then you clearly see them as little devils going around wreaking havoc the lives of cambodians.You’ve forgot a few important key points: Today’s South Vietnam was a Cambodia territory. Read up on Champa, a kingdom that was completely annihilated by the Vietnamese. During the Vietnam War, Viet Cong was using Cambodia as their santuary (thanks to Sihanouk). The Viet Cong is responsible for the “killing field” in Cambodia.Cambodians by nature and culture are friendly and peaceful people on earth. There are many Cambodians including myself who are trying very hard to make peace with our past and bitter history. However, we have never been left to live as a peaceful nation.  there have been so much loss and suffering inflicted upon Khmer Nation by Vietnam that it is impossible for a Khmer like me to forgive and forget. For other nationalities who know little about the Deep and Dark secret Indochina Policy of Vietnam, they might think that Khmer continued hatred on Vietnam are simply and morally wrong, especially in this 21st Century. For me who have seen many wars directly and secretly involved/created by Vietnam in my beloved Cambodia, there is no way that I have the word “Love” for Vietnam. Many Khmers do not have to look back into the past history to accumulate the Hatred on Vietnamese. We all have seen what has happened to Cambodia and her people since Vietnam invaded our country in 1979. It should not take a Ph.D. or Doctor to understand and know who is running Cambodia behind the science nowadays. Facts are Fact. The facts developing in Cambodia now cannot lie about Vietnam intention on Cambodia. I suggest that you should at least read this attached article to better understand why the Cambodians are afraid, and not hate the Vietnamese. The Cambodians are the victims and not the victimizers. Please, read this article titled “The Costs of Ming Mang’s Assimilation Policy,” on how the Vietnamese; have been eliminating two people of similar civilizations, (Indianized vs. sinic) the Chams and the Cambodians from Kampuchea Krom or Cochinchina, pasted below:Naranhkiri Tith, Ph.D. Professor, International Finance, SAIS, The Johns Hopkins Univeristy Washington DC. May 27, 2013People here don’t seem to realize what is happening because it’s not your home it’s happening to. We as Cambodian despise the Vietnamese “to make a long story short”, after a long fought war, we now have Vietnamese slowly moving in our land trying to conquer what is not theirs. They come and meddle with Cambodian political affairs and are allowed due to a corrupted government. Voting for president with no citizenship there really? C’mon get the heck out of this country.This is the present with other countries trying to invade native land that they have no history or heritage in. We are not dwelling on the past it’s the present. We can play this game as if no one knows why but like I said it’s not your land it’s happening to. The proof is in the pudding, the internet swarms with up to date situations in Cambodia and the Vietnamese are a constant threat to our country. Of course they say they are “Oblivious”. I mean who the heck would say something if they were doing wrong. If you have a fluent Cambodian friend let them be your translator and tell me why Genghis Khan is still alive in Vietnam. I don’t need to say anymore. Read the points and google them up and auctually understand before assuming.

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