Wednesday, December 2, 2015

german cars are superior to japanese cars

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Toyotas are more forgiving for people that are not very CAR SAVVY! MOST get to 300k + mile easily with OIL CHANGES and timing belts if they use them! I have MORE reSpect for AUDI< VW, BMW and BENZ though, but their only handicap is the PREVIOUS OWNERS! They REQUIRE only certain EUROPEAN BASED oils and fluids and NO VALVOLINE or PRESTONE ever! EUROPEAN oils and fluids are MORE ADVANCED than what we use here! I have them with 350k + miles and next to NO Issues on them! The VW/AUDI VR6 is AMAZING< and only uses a TIMING CHAIN in it! BAD OIL will ruin ANY of these cars quickly in a few short years as the VALVE and TIMING mechanisms slow down with TAR and SLUDGE! EUROPEAN BASED fluids make ZERO tar and ZERO sludge! These oils are PENTOSYNTH, RAVENOL, MOBIL ONE 0W-40, AMSOIL and PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO! ALL CARS actually require the SAME THINGS< even Toyota and HONDA cars do! hey all need ALL FLUIDS changed every 100k miles, including the BRAKE FLUID and STEERING C|FLUID< coolant and auto trans fluid! This is EXPECTED on all cars! ALL BRAKE FLUIDS spoil with time and turn into troublesome LIQUID SANDPAPER and TOXIC WASTE that rusts brake parts from the inside out! Many people CURSE when their brake lines and hoses rupture or rust and blame the car maker. I TOTALY LOVE and respect AUDI CARS< as they will NEVER EVER RUST and have the BEST crash test scores ANYWHERE! Some need a TIMING BELT installed at 100k mile intervals! TheSe kits sell for about $250 or so, but this beat buying an OLD USED BUICK< where the subframe rots away, and the INTAKES dissolve for a $1500-2k repair job! Use BLAUPARTS< 1-800-ALL-EURO and 1-800-ALL-AUDI for parts that wear out (like TIE ROD ENDS and BRAKE PADS)! It is TOTAL NONSEnSE that GERMAN cars require more money to keep going! They ALL USE the same EXACT SUPPLIERS< and ALL use ZF made trannies and steering gear! NOw JEEP, CHRYSLER< LINCOLN< CADDY, LEXUS< INFINITI and more are using ZF trannies as well!. ANYWAYS, a good used AUDI has more technology in it than a NEW anything! Check out used AUDI ALLROAD QUATTRO CARS in CARGURUS! You can get TWO great unrusted AUDI CARS for the price of ONE JAPANESE car! The AUDI TT's are ALSO great buys for about $7-8... and once again, the only issue is WHO OWNED IT and what types of fluids were used! I can tel in TWENTY SECONDS what ANY car need by opening the hood! RAVENOL and PENTOSYNTH are the RIGHT oils for any car ,really, and RAVENOL is good for TWO FULL YEARS between changes! It is THAT superior to our domestically made and refined oils! EUROPEAN OILS and FLUIDS are pricier for a GOOD REASON! They are MORE refined, and last MUCH longer! This morning I had coffee with a guy owning an OLDER VW JETTA TURBO DIESEL! It has 244k miles on it, and gets between 42 -50 MPGS every day,. AL DAY LONG! His only expense besides tires and brake pads was ONE TIMING BELT CHANGE that cost $800. It has NO RUST and the only other thing it needed was a new DIPSTICK TUBE. JAPANESE CARS are more forgiving, and can use CHEAPER grade fluids but there is a PRICE for that as well! TOYOTAS and LEXUS cars with TIMING BELTS also require an $800 service at 100k miles, and CURRENTLY JAPANESE PARTS are just as costly as GERMAN ONES, IT is NONSENSE that GERMAN cars are less reliable. I did a FULL De-sludge and trans repair on a 1997 C230 BENZ that was TOTALLY NEGLECTED at 120 k miles! It NOW has 250k miles and there is NO SIGNS of issues or ever stopping! And it ALSO only needed NEW TIRES, and BRAKE PADS along with EUROPEAN FLUIDS and oil changes! ONCE AGAIN AUDI QUATTRO rules the racing circuits around the world and NOTHING has been able to beat them. I have worked on BENZ, BMW, AUDI and VOLVO TURBO DIESELS with 340K miles on them and NO SIGNS OF EVER STOPPING! EXPECT 500k miles and MORE on a VW or AUDI turbo diesel! They do NOT even make very much NOISE any more. Try to find a 2003 AUDI ALLROAD QUATTRO or AUDI A6 2.7T! They even win AWARDS for best engineering every single year! AUDI is the LUXURY side of VW< just like LEXUS is for Toyota and ACURA is for HONDA! AUTOBAHN prepared cars are STRONGER and can handle MORE STRESS and even ABUSE as they must go 140 MPH all day long and NOT even get HOT! HAPPY HUNTING!

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