Monday, December 7, 2015

german cars last a lot longer than japanese cars

Darren Persad
어제 오후 1:21
+polychronio Eh, sort of. Japanese cars are all half-assed; their engines are reliable enough and will run forever when treated right, but all other components, from electrical to mechanical and even physical (bodies and frames and such) are all built poorly using extremely impure metals that do not last. And their use of plastics, especially cheap plastics, is really quite annoying.

German brands, however, demand TLC and attention. If you neglect a German car, it will ultimately fail. But if you treat them right, they will last longer than many a Japanese car. They're built to last, their built with a higher level of quality in mind and they're built for drivers.

As a side note though, Mobile Synthetic isn't the only solution; there are many Synthetic brands out there that are on par, or better than Mobile.

Darren Persad
어제 오후 1:28
+Idol Pron Our family, myself included, has owned a diverse collection, if you will, of cars over the past several decades - Kia/Hyundai cars included. The Kia/Hyundai brand will make a reliable engine, but that's about it. Their components, especially small mechanical components, are rather quite lacking in quality, their metals and plastics are sub-par and they have little to no driving feel.

The Germans make cars that demand care and attention, there's no doubt about that, but give them the care they need and they will long outlast many a Japanese, Korean or American car. Not to mention the feeling you get from such exhilarating cars is unreal. That's much more than I can say about Japanese and Koreans, except, perhaps, for the Kia K9/K900, but that still feels overly soft and yacht-like compared to many German offerings.

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