Wednesday, December 30, 2015

honda copied BMW

Why Do Cars Look Alike?

Critics have said it for years: So many new cars look alike these days.
One of the latest cases of apparent carbon-copy design comes from Honda. An article in the trade magazine Automotive News noted the roofline, window frames, body creases, door handles and other design elements of the 2013 Honda Accord sedan are strikingly similar to those of the BMW 3 Series sedan.
But the Accord isn’t alone. There appears to be at least a bit of 3 Series in a number of new cars, including the Kia Optima, Infiniti G sedan and Ford Fusion.
It’s true that if you look at the cars from the side there are many similarities, from sheetmetal shapes and roof curvature to the rearview mirrors in some cases. But do their designs reflect copying or simply what works in terms of accommodations and aerodynamics?
It’s probably the latter. After all, designers have long struggled with fitting passengers comfortably into a car while maintaining the desired exterior shape. The riddle has become increasingly difficult to solve with the growing importance of aerodynamics in boosting a vehicle’s fuel economy. There isn’t much latitude if you are sculpting a car for minimum drag.
Honda said it doubts anyone would mistake the new Accord for a BMW. “When I look at the pictures, what I notice are the differences,” said company spokesman Chris Martin, referring to the Automotive News comparison photos.
The Accord’s appearance, he said, mainly reflects the car maker’s focus on improving visibility for the driver and passengers, “and on building a good-looking car.”

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    • It is obvious that they were trying to mimic the 3 series with the new Accord. The similarities are blatant.
    • @Dan M
      I believe you're spot on. I would even go so far to suggest that BMW has been a (not THE) design leader in this case via Bangle termed "flame surfacing". Honda in particular has been know to utilize some BMW design features and it's probably because they see themselves as the "sporty" of the bunch in the midsize family sedan segement. Interestingly Acura (ie HONDA) shares no such design attributes. Lexus (ie Toyota) almost copied the last generation BMW 7 series in terms of shape, but their new offerings are more original. Hyundia Genesis, in my opinion, has a modified Mercedes grill, and a Rolls Royce inspired shaped rear. I think car compianies like to incorporate design attributes from luxury, near-luxury models as a way of earning acceptance from a buyers sub-conscious. "I want a BMW but don't want to spend the $$ or deal with the stigma, this Accord reminds me of that BMW and it's it"
    • Cars likely share a similar appearance due to the concept of a dominant design. A design becomes dominant due to its ability to deliver value within the operating constraints in an effective and efficient manner. Soon all suppliers within an industry migrate to this design and compete on other factors such as price, features, etc. For more info, check out the work of James Utterback at MIT.
    • I recently bought a 1988 Jaguar XJS Convertible for a weekend driver because it's just unlike anything else you see nowadays! The comments it gets from complete strangers everywhere we go unformly center on the absurdly long hood (to fit the V12 under) and the REAL wire wheels, which look like something from Pimp My Ride on 71 year old mother in law and 14 year old daughter also love these features, so I think car makers just need to go back to the 70's for styling ideas......
    • The truth is , that everybody copies the germans, because they make the best cars in the world.Period.

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