Sunday, January 31, 2016

baklava is greek food comment

Game james
2016. 1. 24.

+PaulGr8 The name yes but there are recipes from ancient greece predating it that are the same. The turkish version is diffirent. +kebec1 Yes the Armenians made it along with the Greeks in Byzantium then the turks took it and gave it to the jennasaries as a peasant food, it wasnt even considered a desert.

2016. 1. 27.

Baklava is common to all countries in the Eastern Mediterranean and eastwards. According to experts of this cuisine, no one knows its origin, though everyone claims it.

Haralambos Psilos
2016. 1. 29.

Seeing that the Turks came from Mongolia where their is no walnuts or most of the crucial ingredients in balaclava you easily determine it is a Greek dish.

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