Saturday, January 16, 2016

comment to lefist people that love to attack greatest civillization greek civillization

why there are so many people obssessed with attacking greece the greatest culture and civillization in the history...why only emphasize pythagoras learned skill of geometry from egypt, which was under greek rule at that time?!? nobody claimed greek was the greatest civillization because it created primitive stage of math, science, art and music. It's basic historical fact that Greece is the greatest of all civillization because it developed those primitive stage of study into far more complicated ones and later created far more impressive theory and inventions. what did these ignorant people learn at greek history class in high school?!? pythagoras made skill of geometry into geometry theorem which is far more impressive than egyptian primitive stage of math(it's not really a math but just practical one. it's the greek who developed into complicated theorem and scholar)... what egypt ever created was miniscule compared to what pythagoras achievements...ignorant people...hence pythagoras is called the greatest mathematician of all time along with many other greatest greek figures in all other fields. what figure does ancient egypt have like pythagoras, eucleides, phidias, socrates, polykleitos, herophilos and alexandros?!? no one!!! that's why greece is the most impressive in its achievement out of all civillizations....maybe greece has influences from other civillizations at primitive stages but they created far more than egypt ever did for 3000 years in only a few hundred years and develoved it far more greece influence back to middle east and middle east was learning from greece later and middle east spreaded greek culture and civillizations to germanic europeans(greek and romans never directly contact with germanic europeans)...that's why modern egyptians and middle eastern people listen to greek music and eat greek foods...look at the art of greece, the realism and expression is far more superior than art produced in other civillizations and is still drawn in modern time...

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