Sunday, January 17, 2016

greek pelasgian gave proto-kanaanite alphabet

12:22 isn't really a mystery anymore: the Linear B tablet, found in Greece dated to 1500's BCE and based on the proto-Kanaanite alphabet, shows Bronze Age contact just a few centuries, or perhaps a bit over a millennium, after the era Abraham (and his city, Ur) were to have lived. Indeed, there's much more evidence to show a LONG term contact from Israel to Spain & UK, let alone to Greece: are now Stone Circles/henges found in Israel, Malta, Cyprus, Central Europe (e.g. Goseck), all the way to UK, with cup/ring marks, burials, astronomy (ESPECIALLY aligned to sunrise of summer/winter solstices, still seen in 300-200 BCE Jewish Israel's Qumran's buildings) and Israel's Stone Circles (which are as old as 12,000 BCE) and UK's Stone Circles share ALL those features, plus reverence for (and burial of) hawks, bulls, and companionship with dogs, LATER types of megaliths such as tumulus/cairns (e.g. Rogem Hiri in Israel aligned to Summer Solstice, too many to list in UK) and dolmens (1000's in Israel...and all the way to India, also present in UK), "midden" in UK = a "tel" in the Levant (Israel's region), Tartessos (native Spanish copper mining city) is right next to Cadiz a KANAANITE city in today's Spain with AGAIN the same distinctive megaliths in Cadiz, and so much more showing SHARED cultural cues across the NEOLITHIC TO BRONZE Age Mediterranean, and even outside of the Mediterra all the way to UK of course these early sailors (who necessarily reached UK at or before 8,000 BCE!!!) already knew who Philistins were.

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