Friday, January 15, 2016

marriage between christians and muslims was strictly forbidden

+KtK please do not just blame a whole country for old mistakes. And please don't be racist. Greeks are Greeks, Turks are Turks and Albanians are Albanians. In the days of the ottoman empire, marriage between Muslims and Christians was strictly forbidden. So, Greeks remained Greeks and Turks remained Turks. What is the reason to mock and say bad things for a country that you have probably never visited before? I am tired of people who are proud of ancient Greeks too, but come on, Greeks are not all the same. I am sure that wherever you come from, it is wonderful like all countries are. What we see in the news is just western propaganda that is told to keep us apart. Greeks, Turks, Albanians, Arabs, we are all friends! Let's don't waste our time fighting with people we don't know and let's try to learn more about cultures and countries instead.

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