Friday, January 15, 2016

north africans play greek music and use greek musical instrument lyre

+polychronio This is a spontaneous improvisation to demonstrate some of the playing techniques which would have been possible to play in the ancient Greek kithara, by any ancient Greek musician with any ounce of musical imagination.

Although I have arranged a few surviving fragments of ancient Greek music for solo lyre in my recordings, most of my recordings and arrangements for solo lyre are indeed original compositions, as it is my desire to start a brand new living musical tradition specifically for these beautiful ancient instruments, a new musical genre which can best be described as a 'new ancestral music'.

Although the music is mostly my own compositions, the style is firmly rooted in antiquity, as I use the original ancient Greek modes, just intonation and my lyre playing techniques are rooted in lyre playing techniques still practiced throughout Africa today (where the lyre arrived in antiquity via ancient trade routes and it's performance is still very much a living musical tradition), as well as a detailed study of both ancient illustrations of lyre players and a study of rare ancient literary texts which contain first-hand descriptions of lyre players.

Here are some of my blogs which may explain my musical mission in more details:

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