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philistines were descendants of greek pelasgian comment

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Philistines were the decendants of the Sea Peoples who eventually got blended into Babylonian society, since the Babylonians were known to relocate and devide entire populations.

Barbara Marie   10개월 전  

The philistines were Greek who invaded the land of Israel. The term was Philistine is a Hebrew term that means "invaders" and later "savages" . The term Palestine is a latinized by emperor Hadrian in 135 AD. The ancient philistines have no cultural, religious or genetic DNA to the modern Palestinians who are the descendants of Arabs who invaded in 636 CE in the Battle of Yarmouk! 

The Philistines are descended from the ancestors of the Canaanites who migrated to Greece through Turkey during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period, then back to Palestine. The Israelites never exterminated the Canaanites, but rather some Canaanites living in what is now Israel became the Israelites, and after the Arab invasions other Canaanites were forcibly converted to Islam (which are today's Palestinians), and the Canaanites in Lebanon became the Phoenicians, who spread to North Africa and Southern Europe, where their descendants live today. There was no Israelite invasion of Canaan, and genetics and Archaeology proves that Israelites were originally Canaanites.

yes bro the canaanites and phoenicians were one people since phoencians called themselves canaanites not phoenicians, the canaanites ruled the crete island so maybe they also returned into canaan later on before joshua invade it at all, so there is a big possibality that philisstins are also canaanites from the canaanites island of crete, according to hordutos the canaanites came from arabia the east and south part of it into the land of canaan, so todays speaking arabic sharing 92,5% of it with ancient canaanite language in everything we know about the grammers of languages and surely the words and meanings, while hebrew which was moderned or re-invented by eliazer ben yehuda has some canaanite and other languages like yaddish and english, so palestine with arabic language and anicnet arab canaanites has everything to do with arabic rather than european zionists jews, now we know also the ancient israelites invaded canaan so not only the muslims did when it was already invaded by romans

it means that philistines were living there much more before Israels fled from misr. so it was the land of philistines which israels wanted and tried to kill philistines for their lands and assets, their homeland.                    

Philistines = Palestines sons of Agar the concubine their god is Ala, meaning Elokim, the name of G-d that correspodns with judgement, by the bible words they are called pereh adam, meaning wild/ beastly man.

Barbara Marie   8개월 전  
The philistine worshipped Greek Gods, spoke Greek and carried a Hellenise culture. The term Palestine is a Latinate word meaning "philistine". a Hebrew word that means invader. The Philistines came from the Aegean peninsula. AKA Greece

1:22 The Philistines were NOT in the Middle East before the Israelites.  They came from the North by sea and attacked the Canaanites on the coast around the same time the Israelites were attacking them in hills in the East. 

The philistines were Greek who invaded the land of Israel. The term was Philistine is a Hebrew term that means "invaders" and later "savages" . The term Palestine is a latinized by emperor Hadrian in 135 AD. The ancient philistines have no cultural, religious or genetic DNA to the modern Palestinians who are the descendants of Arabs who invaded in 636 CE in the Battle of Yarmouk!  

The Palestinians are the people subjugated by the Philistines. They are one of the indigenous Canaanite tribes, DNA tells us this. 

The word Palestine is a Latin word for "philistine", there is no historical evidence of philistines people being a Semitic people. The philistines were Greek in language and religion, contrary to what we refer today as the "Palestinians" As far as genetics studies have concluded that the male population of the Arab peoples living in the land share a genetic history with Jews, however they share a genetic , historical , and culture resemblance to the peoples of the Arabian peninsula. (who invaded, raped, murdered the indigenous Jewish people of the land in the year 636 CE . Modern Palestinians are the descendent of this people.  They have been occupying the lands of the Jews for 12 centuries. The Jews are the descendent of the Canaanite peoples. we know this by language. Hebrew is a language that derives from the Canaanite. By the way The Jews also share a male genetic DNA with the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula. However they are not from the Arabian Peninsula.  

+Barbara Marie No one definitively knows the origins of the sea peoples and there are fairly strong theories that the Deyen are Semites. It is ridiculous to pretend that the Peleset occupied a people less place (which Egyptian administrative records tell us otherwise). Your whole theory revolves along whole populaces disappearing. First when the sea peoples enter Canaan and then when the Arabs enter Palestine. That is not how invasion works, a people less land profits no one. and in both cases the peoples are the ancestors of the modern Palestinians.

+st r Exactly. Peoples never disappear just their identities change.

Indeed evidence is very strong that the Philistines were a minority ruling over a majority Canaanite population. Their divinities were Baal, Astarte and Dagon which are Canaanite gods not Greek ones and their cities, both the ones they occupied and founded have Semitic names. Even personal names that survive are mostly Canaanite with only a few foreign ones.

The philistine worshipped Greek Gods, spoke Greek and carried a Hellenise culture. The term Palestine is a Latinate word meaning "philistine". a Hebrew word that means invader. The Philistines came from the Aegean peninsula. AKA Greece

Whether the ruling class were or weren't  Greek is irrelevant to my point. I have proven that they ruled a largely Semitic populace whom they adopted their culture.The people know known as Palestinians. Prove they worshiped Greek gods or spoke Greek. The old testament says otherwise.

you are incorrect there is no verse that claims that the philistine worshipped Canaanite Gods. If so please provide such verse. Until then you a have only proven your lack of knowledge in this subject. 

You shouldn't be so quick to accuse others of lacking knowledge when it is easier proven otherwise.  Judges 16.23  Then the Philistine lords gathered together to offer a great sacrifice to Dagon their god and to rejoice, for they said, Our god has given Samson our enemy into our hands. 2 Kings 1:2 King Ahaziah of Israel fell off the balcony on the roof of his palace in Samaria and was seriously injured. So he sent some messengers to consult Baalzebub, the god of the Philistine city of Ekron, in order to find out whether or not he would recover. It seems like it is going to be impossible to have a reasonable discussion with you. So solong.

Baalzebub is a ancient Greek God, also known as Zeus Apomyios or Myiagros. "Lord of the Flies" .    Again you lack the knowledge to continue this conversation. perhaps if you read a history book you would not be so ignorant. 

Dagon was originally an East Semitic Mesopotamian (Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian) fertility god. He looks like a male mermaid!

Baal was chief good of the Canaanites. I will leave it to people to look up for themselves since you obvious cannot.  So point proven a continuous caananite population from antiquity to now.  

+Barbara Marie  The philistines were Greek who invaded the land of Israel. Total nonsense. There was no land of Israel. The purported Israelite leave no record of their existence or presence; no such thing as a united kingdom ever existed, and if it did it was a savage backwater that the civilizations of the time did not find worthy of being mentioned. The Egyptian mention them but once prior to the 9th century, and the entry is severely contested by secular scholars. The Egyptian do write a great deal about the Sea People and even draw pictures of them, and enlist some of them as warriors in their armies. The Israelite are a non-people until much much later. Sorry if the truth hurts.

+Barbara Marie The Philitrines were Greek, who says, you? In fact they were descended from the Sea peoples and the origins of the Sea peoples is not known for certain though there are many suggestions, historians and Archaeologists are still undecided on their origins.

According to historians, and archaeologist the "Paleset" people came from the Aegean peninsula. There are a few ancient Egyptian inscriptions describing this events. I suggest you read  " Inscription on the second pylon at Medinet Habu" J.H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Four, § 64 PS this inscriptions are older than I am !

wrong! The first record of the name Israel (as ysrỉꜣr) occurs in the Merneptah stele, erected for Egyptian Pharaoh Merneptah c. 1209 BCE. The Hebrew language and alphabet is a "daughter language" of ancient Canaanite (also known as Phoenicians). The Canaanite alphabet is 90% similar to modern day Hebrew. To say the Phoenicians had a rudimentary alphabet is absurd not to mention historically inaccurate. 

+Barbara Marie The mention of what you call Israel in the Memeptah stele is heavily contested among scholars, especially non biblical archaeologists.  Again, the fact that the Phoenician alphabet makes up 90% of the Hebrew Alphabet does not lend much support to the  Hebrew's claim they were in Egypt as slaves. And, I think it is well establish that the Proto-Hebrew alphabet dates back only to the 10th Cent BCE.  Your comment only reinforces what I said. The so called Hebrew people have absolutely no connection with Egypt. They were never there, and made up the story likely after the 7th BCE. I suggest you explore some of the  questions surrounding the claim that the Memeptah Stele refers to Israel. A few other nomadic Canaanite peoples  have been suggested by serious researchers.

Wrong again! The Merneptah Stela (an ancient Egyptian reference) refers to a group of enslaved Israelites named Hyksos that worshipped a deity named "Ya"  

+Barbara Marie In The Bible is writenthat they came from Crete. Maybe they were part of the people called in Egypt of SEA PEOPLE.

At that time there was not the notion of being a greek ay all (HELAIDE).

+Sidnei Dornelles da Silva The first Hellenic tribes this is how you call ourselves and ( not Greek) started descending from the north in the Hellenic peninsula around 1500 BC. They are the Achaeans the ones they build the Mycenaean  palaces and they made the war of Troy. Second migration wave happened around  700BC these are the Dorians both these tribes spoke Hellenic dialects. When they arrived here they encountered dark haired people with wavy hair. They were called Pelasgee people of the flat land nobody knows what this means exactly nowadays There is speculation only that it means people of the sea. They were not Greek though and they did not speak the Greek language or worship the Greek gods as Marie Barbara so

In other words you are saying that the writings on Medinet Habu referring to the Peleset people from the Aegean peninsula, is a lie! what historical and or archaeological evidence do you have to sustain this arguments! 

The Medinet Habu is a structure  in Egypt , side from its size and architectural and artistic importance, the temple has best known as the source of inscribed depicting the advent and defeat of the Sea Peoples during the reign of Ramesses III. The Sea peoples are described as Greek coming from the Aegean Peninsula (modern day Greece)

So you are stating that Egyptian hieroglyphs, buildings and archaeology are not to be considered historical facts or evidence? Did the Palasgee peoples live in Crete as well?   

+Barbara Marie Spanish??.....I know that South American people are taught ancient Greek history at school and they know as much as Greek people do

Anyway you ask me questions about Pelasgee the most obscure people in Medditeranean history. There is no written records from them and no one can tell you nothing..... There is no proof also that the Minoan Cretans  were them . Their writtings in Linear A and B have not yet been deciphered. Our knowledge about their history is almost nothing . If we find another Rosetta stone with Greek translation on it to enable us to decipher their language rest assured I am going to notify you Barbara

i will also conduct research on this. I am curious to see if the Peleset people and the Pelasgee are the same peoples or not I appreciate any resources you can share . Thanx! 

+Barbara Marie I am glad if i what I told you could be of any help to you. But as we discussed above  we have no written documents from this time and we can not be sure. All we know about these people are legends that have been passed to us by word of mouth. I have just watched the other videos about these Philistines but their profile does not look like Greek .Their champion was the gigantic Goliath and they used to construct huge fortified cities that inspired awe to the Israelites. While we are not known in history for the monstrous size of our our structures . And our national champion is Odysseus. Who  is described by Homer as

It could be pre ancient Greek!

+Barbara Marie Here is an article about the Pelasgee

The Pelasgee are the Paleste people. This article matches Max Dimont account on the "Helleneses" destroying Creetan and Aegean civilizations in 500 BC. It also matches the accounts "Mernepta Stela" describing the Paleste escaping  a conflict in their" main land"

It could be that the Greek artifacts found in the area, arrived at the time of Alexander the Great 

+Barbara Marie Sent me a link where Max Dimont says that the Greek (Hellenes) destroyed the Cretan Minoan civilization in 500BC. Also a link about the accounts of Mernepta Stela  describing Pelestet people escaping a conflict in their mainland . This is very interesting.

As far as I know the Peleset were never circumcised . where did you get that from?

+Barbara Marie Scroll down at the section it says Egyptian sources and you will see it

The philistines came from Crete and and the Aegean Peninsula. They lived in Gaza. According to sources they are not Semitic people, they did not practice circumcision and they were escaping an invasion.  They sound like the Pelasgee

+Barbara Marie What about the Peleset the ones who attacked Egypt.... who are they in your opinion?

 I do think the Peleset and the Pelasgee are one in the same. 

+Barbara Marie So you do think that the Greek attacked Egypt and they were taken captive there like the Israelites, and they have lived in Gaza as well (lol).....well.... we have no claims on this area , we are not Arabs....I hope hope you know this

you right about one thing the Peleset are not Arabs :)

+Barbara Marie If the Pelasgee knew how their name has been misused nowadays, their bones would be rattling in their graves....that is for sure.....hahaha!!

+Barbara Marie Yes, not only they occupy Greek lands they claim land where Greek people live in right now. They are greedy bastards.

+Alan Moore Historians tend to consider the Philistines indeed as Aegean, but not greek. They were probably Pelasgians. The egyptian called one of the Sea People 'peleset" which has given philistine. The prefix pel - probably means "sea" like in Aegeion Pelagos, greek for Aegean Sea.

+Jaroslav At Amsterdam historians are still debating and undecided on the origins of the sea people.. The most likely explanation is that they came fronmSicily, southern Italy.

We are discussing history! Not the present. We are defiantly no justifying the genocides perpetrated by the Arab/Muslim and Sea peoples. 

+Barbara Marie The ancient history of the southern Levant is complex, especially in regard to the Negev and Arabians. Arabs are also first documented in 853 BC. in northwestern Syria at the Battle of Qarqar. Ironically they were allied with King Ahab of Israel.

no, the Hebrews are Canaanites. All of Joseph brothers married cannanite women. (your a Jew if your mother is Jewish) Plus, the Hebrew language comes from the cannanite language.

+Barbara Marie And we took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, of every city, we left none to remain. Deuteronomy 2.34 And we utterly destroyed them, ... utterly destroying the men, women, and children, of every city. Deuteronomy 3.6 And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them. Deuteronomy 7.2 And thou shalt consume all the people which the LORD thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them.Deuteronomy 7.16 Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein, and the cattle thereof, with the edge of the sword. Deuteronomy 13.15 But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth. Deuteronomy 20.16-17 And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword. Joshua 6.21 So smote all the country ... he left none remaining, but utterly destroyed all that breathed, as the LORD God of Israel commanded.Joshua 10.40 (your a Jew if your mother is Jewish) according to 2nd century CE Rabbinic Judaism... (Plus, the Hebrew language comes from the cannanite language.) So I guess that all Americans are Englishmen ;-)

Most of the settlers came from England. (that has changed in modern days) You cant conquer your own land! The hebrews were Cannanites, the people killed practiced a diferent religion and they were not all killed, remeber that is one of the resons Gd punished them in the first place


+Barbara Marie Wrong...!!! philistinois were descendants of native canaanite who were descendants of pelasgoi greeks. Philistinoi sounds greek...I don't think philistinoi is jews word that means invaders unless you give me the source of the claim....modern palestinians do have ancient philistinoi blood confirmed by greek DNA E1b1b that they have....when you see canaanite and philistinoi art, you can see greek people with brown skin, black hair and black eyes and full beard....

Did they really just try to say that the Philistines were originally Minoans?! And what is the evidence ? Similar pottery designs? I think the same could be said for many different civilizations. The other evidence? The mention that the Philistines were uncircumcised and thus not 'semitic' ...isn't it entirely possible that they originally were but simply had a cultural reform which led them to stop? Anything can happen over centuries, ffs!
+Stephen Clark They were from the Aegean, but that could be wrong; as anthropological genetics advances further we will learn the truth, for the simple reason that we will be able to genetically determine if the Philistines genetic markers agree with the genetic markers of remains from people living in some of the Greek islands of the same period. The so called children of Abraham, a fictitious character from a myth book called The Bible, allegedly were from Mesopotamia. So the myth claims that they were not from Canaan either.
12:22 isn't really a mystery anymore: the Linear B tablet, found in Greece dated to 1500's BCE and based on the proto-Kanaanite alphabet, shows Bronze Age contact just a few centuries, or perhaps a bit over a millennium, after the era Abraham (and his city, Ur) were to have lived. Indeed, there's much more evidence to show a LONG term contact from Israel to Spain & UK, let alone to Greece: are now Stone Circles/henges found in Israel, Malta, Cyprus, Central Europe (e.g. Goseck), all the way to UK, with cup/ring marks, burials, astronomy (ESPECIALLY aligned to sunrise of summer/winter solstices, still seen in 300-200 BCE Jewish Israel's Qumran's buildings) and Israel's Stone Circles (which are as old as 12,000 BCE) and UK's Stone Circles share ALL those features, plus reverence for (and burial of) hawks, bulls, and companionship with dogs, LATER types of megaliths such as tumulus/cairns (e.g. Rogem Hiri in Israel aligned to Summer Solstice, too many to list in UK) and dolmens (1000's in Israel...and all the way to India, also present in UK), "midden" in UK = a "tel" in the Levant (Israel's region), Tartessos (native Spanish copper mining city) is right next to Cadiz a KANAANITE city in today's Spain with AGAIN the same distinctive megaliths in Cadiz, and so much more showing SHARED cultural cues across the NEOLITHIC TO BRONZE Age Mediterranean, and even outside of the Mediterra all the way to UK of course these early sailors (who necessarily reached UK at or before 8,000 BCE!!!) already knew who Philistins were.
Egyptian pharaohs took pains to show the Bronze-Iron Age Israelites & Canaanites were mixing with Europe for >8,000 years: Bronze Age pharaohs -- differentiating the Canaano-Israelite skin from their own, and from Nubians: Jewish Canaanites are shown at center-right... hook-nose, Jew-beard, and all, and non-Jew Canaanites (today's Lebanon) at far-left): However, Ethiopian Jews DO share some of the proto-
The Philistines were there before the Israelites.
+S Cin Nope, the Israelites are a sub-culture of the Canaanites, per the Scientific Consensus led by John N Tubb. Linguists and geneticists (led by alZahiri 2003, and Zalloua & Wells 2004) also corroborate that fact. All 3 of you are very ignorant AMATEURS _(alZaheri & Zalloua are two of my ARAB geneticist colleagues, so THEY have a modern [zionist?] agenda??!?!?! They are politically Lebanese & Palestine advocates...but good scientists PUT ASIDE their politics. Now you'll claim -- without EVIDENCE -- Israel "paid" them. EVIDENCE is something always lacking from you biased turds, as you claim everyone BUT yourselves have an "agenda" -- despite that I'm the only one in this thread who has the EVIDENCE -- and from scientists from HUNDREDS of cultures in 3 branches of science (archaeology, which you FALSELY claimed goes in the opposite direction, whereas I'm the only one here who can NAME Tubb (a Brit non-Jew), and others, who contradict your UNEVIDENCED and VAGUE claims of "That is what archaeology...tells us"). BTW, Amorite is the language that links Mesopotamia & Canaan; Hebrew also VERY obviously descends from the earlier Canaanite languages -- Philistia used a foreign language & their archaeology has many signs of "acculturation" (foreign -- specifically Aegean -- artifacts, which are then slowly adapted to become more like the native Canaano-Israelite pottery, bronze, etc). You idiots brainwashed with racist and NON-SCIENTIFIC propaganda are so pathetic.
The Philistines were the Phoenicians and the Hebrews stole their land.

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