Sunday, January 17, 2016

philistines were the sea people

+Barbara Marie Egyptian??....well I am Greek Barbara and we would never use Egyptian sources as authorities in history!! can cross check of course....Rosetta stone that was discovered in 1799 enabled archeologists to deciphered hieroglyphs. That was done using the Greek language and the pronunciation of the words is unclear and  based on the  Greek language again . No historian will consider these texts as serious historical account......most of them  contain magical incantations for the miraculous cure of  baldness , psoriasis , male impotency et.c.....they also brag about the heroic deeds of their Kings which if you cross check most of them have never happened. There is mention of Peleset people the sea people . But it doesn't mention that they came from the Greek peninsula or that they spoke Greek and believed in the Greek gods as you claim. The pronunciation of their name is based on the Greek language again. The  first written texts in European history is the Homeric poems, they date back to 700BC ....the names of the Greek tribes are explicitly mentioned there . There is no Greek tribe named Peleset. The closest name is Pelasgee (Pelasgian ) in English but they were no Greek. They were the Paleolithic people that inhabited all over Europe ....they have constructed some mega structures like stone hedge in England  some mysterious pyramids that nobody knows what they are . These Pelasgians were externinated by the Greek tribes when they arrived in the Greek peninsula. Their existence is clouded in mystery nobody knows who they were exactly  or their history. But certainly they Pelasgians were no Greek. Their Greek name is Pelasgee means people of the flat lands . So check this out on google here  you are girl

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