Thursday, January 14, 2016

R1b has mostly dark hair

There you go , I think it was Hitler and his persecution of the  Jews which lead to a feeling of uneasiness  amongst the dark haired peoples of western Europe  . The genetic distribution maps make sense for me and my dark eyed and dark hair heritage. My mother is German  originally from the Sudeten land which used to be Prussia [ Hitler referred  to them as his  'Prussian black heads. and  my mother is dark haired and brown eyed .  My father was from  the west country    and to had dark hair and dark eyes  both these area have the Iberian Basque  RBI  gene .        So it follows my brother and sister and myself all  have dark hair ,  My father  left the army and we settled on the south east coast  which  has a  good amount od fair and light eyed population ,   in the seventies  racial tolerance was  the norm but  in the eighties   the national front and a new undercurrent of racial animosity arose probably due to increased immigration , but  I can remember  and with the increased immigration  some people  treat brown eyed dark haired people with  a certain  distain .       The Basque connection  to the genetic origins of Europe and the British isles has been known for quite a while and always curious about my dark hair and eyes became aware of Iberian connection years ago.     Thanks a lot for uploading this ,  I hope more people take note of this....

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