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arab/moor music is heavily influenced by greek music(melody)

anathemios commented on a video on YouTube.
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This is Roman.. but somehow I hear a very tone similar to qanbus or oud.. like of the Arabs and Persians... then I realize, yes this is the EASTERN roman empire..

2015. 1. 18.


Arab music was influenced by greek music not the other way around....

2015. 1. 27.


After the death of Julius Nespos, then-Eastern Roman Emperor Flavius Zeno Leo, saw the western provinces forever lost to outside (barbarian) forces and issued a proclamation that the two-emperor system for the Roman Empire (established by Flavius Theodosius I on his deathbed) be dissolved, legally making him and his successors the only Roman Emperors.
Afterwards, there is no east/west division, and the Romans certainly didn't go by that name. Part of the reason why we are not taught this is because a lot of people do not know about the papal forgery, the Donations of Constantine (proven to be a forgery in the 1400's). Look it up elsewhere, i do not want a bigger block of text than there needs to be. :P

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+omnipotentum Yes, the Arabs were greatly influenced by the Greco-Roman tradition AND - even more so - by the Persian tradition.

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i agree with all the replies of you.. the later western-asian culture were heavily influenced by the Greek, thats why they sound similar in tonal..
-let us remember those of the contantinopolitan days,
do not let them be vanquished from the memories-

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