Sunday, March 6, 2016

arabs copied newly innovated greek music in hellenic period

10:19 PM
+Steel Patterns the very current music of middle east is entirely newly invented greek music can just call it copy and paste's well documented that how arabs took greek music so they call music in arabic musigi which is came from greek word...ancient arabic and persian music sounded nothing like this or what they play nowadays...because they literally copied greek music that was newly invented in hellnic period(like a lot of things invented in hellenic period, music was innovated also, most famous example is music scales invented by phythagoras)... but it's right, before this, there were common music shared throughout mediterranean area...but that was not exactly current greek and middle east music because greek had innovated the music in from hellenic period to byzantine period...

now sadly greek music is known as middle eastern music to people because misconception of westerners who contacted greek music from arab empire and greek people are discredited from making the 'greek music'...

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