Tuesday, March 8, 2016

comment to scary video promotion of 광호님

guys I am korean and when I watch this video, I thought wew white people are so brave, how can someone go somewhere like that alone and it's so mistery out of nowhere, women sound was coming....so I was curious if koreans do something like this and I searched and I found out that some korean guy do this kind of thing and surprisingly, this Korean guy is much more brave than this video because this guy get away right away when the weird woman voice was heard even though the guy in this video sounds brave and tough but this korean guy(from busan) stays even after scary things happened and he got really scared eventhough he makes a lot of scare sound and is not calm and not tough....plus He is so hilarious unlike germanic white people who stays calm and logical all the time...He is exclaminating and screaming every second and emotional talking(not logical) like typical south of south korea, busan which has the dialect similar to japanese language tones...moreover, this video is pretty misterious but in this korean guy video, more weird thing happened and caught in camera, check out his video and his channel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW8OWNvc1rk

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