Tuesday, March 22, 2016

turks stole greek cultures and claim it as their own comment

#128 Mar 1, 2014
First of all, it is called "tolma."
Changing pronounciation of ancient food names does not make it turkish.-_____-
Tolma is an ancient Armenian food. The name is derived from "toli" and "ma" together meaning "wrapped meat" in old Armenian.
Just like everything, turks steal Armenian and Greek culture, and claim it as theirs. For example, in turkey, over 12,000 village and city names have been changed from their original names. For example, "Akh Tamar" (meaning Oh, Tamar [an Armenian female name]) is now changed to "Agdamar" in turkey.
For Armenians, it's quite funny how pathetic turkey is. Everything they show tourists as their "culture" is just everything they have stolen from the Greeks and Armenians. So, in a way, it is their culture because their culture is being thieves.

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