Friday, April 15, 2016

japanese cars are crap comparing to german cars

German car is always ahead in mechanical technology over japanese can't compare japanese cars to german cars...I can't believe americans are this much stupid to think crap japanese cars are good car and german cars are about luxury?!? german cars are expensive and can be luxurious because is the best car mechanically!!! only ignorant stupid americans have wrong all countries, german cars top in reliability and japanese cars can't sell..japanese cars are only popular in america and poor southeast asia....and you gotta consider japanese cars are a lot slower than german cars so less damage is done to japanese cars...but despite the fact, extremely fast 911 porsche never broken never never...slow japanese cars can't even beat porsche 911 in reliability...porsche 911 is the most reliable car in record...japanese cars are also very unstable in high speed, that car is shaking alot in high speed and handling is crap...they don't have technological capability to built a car with stable and excellent handling car...this is why japanese cars never beat german cars in WRC and other various automobile competition...only thing good about japanese car is it's cheap and for its price quality is okay...

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