Tuesday, May 31, 2016

celtic people have dark hair

This is likely the original hair color of Homo sapiens[citation needed], and is found in its greatest distribution in Africa, Asia, and the pre-Columbian Americas. Black hair is also particularly common in people of Asia, Southern Europe, parts of South America and Africa regardless of ethnolinguistic affiliation. It is notably concentrated among Celtic peoples of Europe. For example, the Spanish, French, Portuguese, Irish, Welsh and Cornish are particularly noted for their straight to wavy hair, deep brown hair (that can be confused with black hair) and it can be combined with either dark (such as brown) or light (such as green, gray or blue) colored eyes. Irish people with these traits are sometimes known as the "Black Irish".[2] Though this characteristic can be seen in people throughout the United Kingdom, it becomes more common in parts of Central, Southern and especially Eastern Europe.[3]
Dark haired people, ranging from dark chestnut and deep brown to black, with either dark or light colored eyes, can also be seen among the Indo-European and non-Indo-European ethnic groups in Iran, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and North India. Raven-Black hair is black hair with a blue tint[citation needed]; the coloration can range from navy blue to midnight blue, and is found in people of African, Latin American, South Asian and Southeast Asian descent. Off-Black hair is a dark grey hair coloration that can be confused with Jet Black hair, and is caused by a lower amount of Black Eumelanin. It is found in some people of Asian and Native American descent. [4][5][6]


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