Wednesday, May 4, 2016

japanese look greek and southeast asian

Japanese men do not look like Koreans at all like 3/4 of the time. Japanese are shortier,stalkier,and pudgier.BTW I'm part Japanese not Korean so if any Japanese find that observation rude too bad its the truth lol. Also Japanese have much bigger rounder eyes than Korean people.You may have noticed more than half of Japanese are indeed more tan than Koreans, some Japanese even have SE asian features like Filipinos and Indonesians. You should also note Japanese look more rugged than Koreans and some tend to look somewhat caucasian , examples, Tamaki Hiroshi,Hiroshi Abe ,Ken Hirai. Also many Japanese have naturally pointy noses and double eyelids.
I dont know where people get this idea that Japanese look like Koreans.Japanese look closer to Chinese,some look SE asian like Filipino/Indonesian/Thai, but all look distinctly Japanese.But for some reason Korean women do resemble Japanese women a lot, but for men Japanese look way different than Koreans. Koreans look entirely northern Asian, for Japanese maybe 1/2 look northern Asia and the 1/2 look like SE Asian/Chinese.Japanese have a very mixed look, but Koreans have a very pure northern "solid" look. Go On JREF, "Origins of the Japanese". This could be the reason why Japanese look so mixed when compared to Koreans and Chinese. Japanese may look mixed, but in the end Japanese look quite Japanese indeed.

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