Saturday, June 18, 2016

every countries except for americans consider volkswagen the most reliable car

09:23 PM on 10/25/2014

"I don't keep a vehicle beyond the warranty period so I have not encountered any issues with the three VW products I have owned.  If you take ANY American car made between 1980-2000 and driven around 100K miles you most likely would have spent a whole lot of money keeping it on the road because they were pure crap!  The folks in Europe tend to keep their cars for long periods of time and they seem happy with their VW products so maybe you just got one built during Octoberfest!
True. I have owned 4 VW's and only one gave me any troubles. The one I Auto-X'ed and maintained poorly... The rest of the world actually considers VW among the most reliable. Which is why they sell so well in every other market too. Leading innovation, quality, and reliable. Excepts in the perceptions of Americans who view cars as appliances...
Toyota depends on the U.S. for sales. VW would probably do better without the U.S. draining resources. VERY different focus...

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