Wednesday, July 20, 2016

jazz copied classical technique and people who listen to it pretend like it is its own invention

Vyas Vaibhav
Vyas Vaibhav, Musician, Electronics Engineer, Tech Enthusiast.
in my opinion jazz music technically gives out the most well arranged songs...but the fact is that if u are not exposed to written music or if u r not following jazz music from a long time then it may become a lil difficult for u to listen to what really the artist has intended.. i agree to ur point to sm extent sue the fact that jazz music has evolved in middle of the poor communities of the African-Americans where they did not have the exposure to theoretical music... but with time it is now one the most technically rich genres... so i suggest that u keep listening to blues rock, jazz rock (or maybe samba rock also) alongside..which u will find easier to comprehend...and then slowly u can switch to the core genres..

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