Saturday, August 27, 2016

arab person knows ancient cultures are copied into middle eastern cultures but doesn't know arabic music is just entirely copied from ancient greek music


Arastoo Mi
Yesterday 7:57 PM
+polychronio well, actually ancient greek music is more similar to european music than it is to arabic music. Modern day greek music and arabic music/middle eastern music in general uses the irrational interval of 22/27 which is not aesthetically beautiful to the ancient greek ears since it is irrational and there exists traces of it only since a thousand years ago, but surely other elements such as theory and physics of music and ... SOOOOO many other things of the greeks were copied and later commented on by other people. However not every culture in the world is greek, how is ISIS culture greek? Or saudi arabia? Or china? Or siberian turks? Or native americans and etc?!

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