Tuesday, August 9, 2016

nadal is a famous cheater why not doping?

@miraclem29 I don't see whether or not his family being close-knit and independently wealthy has anything to do with whether Nadal injects substances in his blood. It's not about money. It's not about family. It's about blood. It's about Spain. People who dope either believe everyone does or they believe it's okay because it's your body, or because they want to be the best, who wouldn't ? Do you want to be no15 or no1? Nadal may look nice off court, but when it's about tennis he is willing to do anything, including breaking the rules, willingly. I'll give you 2 rules the entire world knows he is breaking, time between serves, and the mandatory tournaments (claiming injuries). Does ATP care ? No. So one more rule broken (doping) won't make a difference. Nadal is a cheater, and he knows it. You know it. The world knows it. It's all on record. And keep in mind when we say Nadal dopes, we don't mean during the tournament obviously, it's all during training. Some people also talk about blood transfusions that could work during a tournament. And probably many more techniques we don't even know yet. Like some people I also have my doubts about Federer, who wouldn't ? The guy has won everything and more. But when I see some of the shots he makes, the technique, you just gotta give him some credit. He hasn't transformed overnight. He has grown pretty much normally. He respects the rules I have talked about. As far as the data we have available this guy is cleaner than Nadal or Djokovic. Can you even say "Yes I know Rafa is a cheater."? If you can't with the reasons sus-mentionned, I can't help you...


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