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the largest audience for a single sporting event was a football match in china not basketball

Sport in China has been long associated to the martial arts. Today China (including mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau) consists of a variety of competitive sports. Traditional Chinese culture regards physical fitness as an important characteristic. China has its own national quadrennial multi-sport event similar to the Olympic Games called the National Games.
According to the Chinese Basketball Association, there is a record number of around 300 million active basketball players in China.[1][2] The largest audience for an event outside of China was drawn at the Yao Ming & Yi Jianlian matchup when 100-200 million Chinese watched live.[3][4]
Virtually the whole nation stands glued to their television sets, amid parties and wild celebrations.[4]
The largest audience for a single sporting event within the boundaries of mainland China was a football match in the Tianhe Stadium in Guangzhou.[5] Football is a popular sport.[citation needed] The average attendance of the Chinese Super League games in 2015 was 22,193 spectators. Badminton and table tennis are also popular sports in China. Prior to the 1990s, sports were entirely funded by the government.[citation needed] Top athletes have quit at the height of their careers due to uncertainty about their livelihoods after retirement[citation needed], but this situation began to change in 1994 when Chinese football was professionalized, followed by basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and weiqi. Professionalization led to commercialization; this meant that sports associations became profit-making entities and that a club system and professional sports leagues were formed. Sports club operations now cover ticket sales, advertising, club transfers, commercial matches, and television broadcasting.[citation needed] Chinese athletes have also begun joining professional leagues abroad, such as basketball Yao Ming's entry into the United States' NBA in the 2002 draft.[6]
China led the gold medal count (51) at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The event was scheduled for August 8 to August 24, 2008 because the number 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture.[7] China hosted the 2014 Youth Olympic Games from August 16 to 28, 2014. Beijing the Ultmpics are held in China may year

football is the most popular spectator sports in china but not popular as playing sports

Is football/soccer popular in China? Why or why not?
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Rodrigo Nieves Avendaño
Rodrigo Nieves Avendaño, Been in the middle kingdom for a couple of years
It’s becoming more and more popular. Of the things I have seen:
  • Portugal second-division teams were sponsored by big Chinese corporations. They tried to put in 10 Chinese soccer players in the teams, but it seems it didn’t happen.
  • They are increasing the investment in local soccer teams. And they are getting more confident about it.
  • As a Mexican, I am often asked by taxi drivers if I like football, because they consider Mexico to be a good team (I don’t). It came as a surprise when the Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Club America. Now I want to buy a shirt of Guangzhou’s team because I hate Club America.
  • As a side note, Huawei is one of the big investors in that team.
  • This summer I went to the opening of a new bar in Suzhou. They promoted that they would have drinks in discount and you could see the Italy-Sweden match. I’m not a sports fan, but I could tell that the foreigners were not paying too much attention. When I was leaving, I saw a bar crammed with Chinese people, with a giant screen, and they were really excited to watch it.
In fact, Football is popular in China.During the world cup ,football is a topic of public even  China did not participate in World Cup. Our league had so many fans when Professional League is started.But poor performance and the players is lack of professionalism  affected Chinese football.Not a few people like watching European Football League.Many of they have their own support team , such as Manchester United,Real Madrid,AC Milan and other clubs . But few people like playing football outside because it's hard to find a football grand .To my opinion , Chinese football can get better for there are so many people really love football.
Frady Wang
Frady Wang, living in Guangzhou, China
The popularity of Football is growing in China but not good enough.

We blame it on the system of education. Parents won't let us play football when we were young, because "Study is proity!" "Footballer won't have a bright future"

And also we lack of equipments and fields
From what I have seen, the participation is from a small, but dedicated minority. They tend to play futsal with lots of dribbling and little physicality. I've seen some kids with great tricks but easily pushed off the ball, not aggressive enough, don't practice heading, slower and lower work rate than me (someone a decade older),  and don't play the tactics associated with a full size field, etc. The limited space is part of the reason; most pickup games must be futsal style simply because, even if there is a standard size field available, you are probably sharing it with dozens of other players, so usually several small games are formed. I have seen full on 11 v 11 games with refs and linesmen between amateurs, but these are relatively rare and greatly annoy the pickup players, because then they don't have a field to play on.
Only really as a spectator sport, and only then the European leagues. Attendances at CSL matches are growing, but are still far short of western equivalents. It doesn't help that the 15,000 or so fans are usually spread out in 50,000-seater stadiums, making it look even worse and diluting the atmosphere. As a participation sport it's still very casual, and mostly futsal. I've never seen a full, 90-minute, 11-a-side match, with a referee and linesmen, between two Chinese amateur teams, in nearly 7 years in Shanghai.
Seriously, it's some kind of hesitate to answer this question.the first reason is that i'm not a football fan,and another reason is ,all of u know that,our chinese people is not good at football.
But i think the question for a while, though our football ability is not strong, but it doesn't mean that ,this kind of sport is not popular in our country, just think about the enthusiasm during the 2014world cup across the whole nation.u may say that, it's just lottery,but it indeed reflect the influence of this sport in china in a way.
Take Guangzhou for example,the following picture is the one of the most famous football club----Guangzhou Evergrande F.C. the picture speak for itself.
But the biggest barrier to make this sport more popular i think is, the football field,or we can call it"site factor",there is no enough area to build a football field in China.
It's not popular, not as much as basketball, badminton and table tennis etc. You might say "come on during world cup period people got crazy to watch the games at midnight", yes it was true, but once four years we have a World Cup football game, which usually last one month; except this special one month, we don't pay a lot attention on soccer. Nowadays if you walk by a basketball court nearby a street corner at the evening there might be a crowded of guys playing basketball, and you may discover people play kind of badminton game on the road, but never soccer. We don't even have enough facility for people to play soccer, soccer fans usually drive several kilo meters to get to a soccer court, so most of us could play soccer only by weekend.
Mario Rossi
Mario Rossi, 4th year in China
Xi Jin Ping clearly stated he is a football fan, than we have to expect football to rise in popularity and events, that is just what happen, as you know chinese bought also AC Milan and FC Inter. However their way to teach football is a bit odd, books, drills with all students in line doing exercises and so on… Many point that China doesn't have facilities to play football, that's as you know, is an excuse.. football just need a ball and a field, a lot, whatever.. in the poorerst countries they play football exactly because doesn't need any special facility.
The problem with China is that , differently from other countries, they simply don't let children play because have always to go to school, to help in this or that, do homeworks till late and so on.. It's rare to see a group of children freely roaming in a park for fun..unless they are in preschool age.
Many say basketball is more popular, however doesn't seem to me that China basketball team has been that good so far, didn't win exactly much (last two games lost of 50 or more points against US). Of course chinese football team was even worse, but still…
China still loves basketball the most, but football is making inroads here. Clubs making big pushes in addition to events like the World Cup have increased the awareness of the sport. There are more and more football training schools, sponsorship deals, etc
Troy Tuo
Troy Tuo, Astrophysics PhD candidate
As I know, lots of college students have to pay for the football field in their own campus to just play a football match. Unlike Rio where kids can play football like everywhere, Chinese teenagers can hardly play football occasionally, while basketball court is everywhere.
But fans don't need a field. So I have to say football is popular in China, in some ways.
It's popular to watch but play, because China don't have this kind of atmosphere to play football like play table tennis, and it's really hard to find a suitable field to play since all the open spaces are occupied by other activities.

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- PATEK PHILIPPE (파텍 필립/스위스/모든 면에서 No. 1 최고의 시계) 
- BREGUET   (브레게/스위스)
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- IWC   (아이 더블유 씨/스위스)
- ZENITH   (제니스/스위스/시간당 36,000진동 고진동 크로노그래프로 유명)
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- GRAND SEIKO   (그랜드 세이코/ 일본/혁신적인 기술력)   
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- PANERAI   (파네라이/이탈리아,스위스)

- EBERHARD   (에버하르트/스위스)
- SEIKO CREDOR   (크레도르/일본/그랜드 세이코보다 약간 아래 등급)

- MAURICE LACROIX   (모리스 라크로와/스위스)
- CARTIER   (까르티에/프랑스,스위스 - 기술력보다는 보석브랜드)

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- BVLGARI   (불가리/이탈리아,스위스/보석브랜드)
- SINN   (씬/독일/군용시계)
- VULCAIN   (벌칸/스위스/기계식 알람시계)
- BAUME & MERCIER (보메 & 메르시에/스위스/하락세)
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- NOMOS   (노모스/독일/수동시계만 생산)
- GLYCINE   (글리신/스위스/군용시계)
- REVUE THOMMEN   (레뷰 토만/스위스/항공시계)  
- ORIS   (오리스/스위스/최근 브랜드 이미지 상승)
- FORTIS   (포티스/스위스/최근 브랜드 이미지 상승)
- RADO   (라도 - 스위스)
- SEIKO BREIGHTZ   (세이코 브라이츠 - 일본
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- TISSOT   (티쏘/스위스/가격대비 성능에서 가장 우수한 브랜드)
- EPOS   (에포스/스위스/최근 등장한 가격대비 성능 우수 브랜드)
- SEIKO 중 50만원대 이상의 고급라인   (세이코/일본)
- CITIZEN 중 50만원대 이상의 고급라인   (시티즌/일본)
- MIDO   (미도/스위스)
- CERTINA   (세르티나/스위스)

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babylonian invented arithmetic and tramitted to egypt and pythagoras invented mathematic

As the Egyptian and Babylonian geometry at the time was "essentially arithmetical", they used actual numbers and "the procedure is then described with explicit instructions as to what to do with these numbers" there was no mention of how the rules of procedure were made, and nothing toward a logically arranged corpus of generalized geometrical knowledge with analytical 'proofs' such as we find in the words of Euclid, Archimedes, and Apollonius."[20] So even had Thales traveled there he could not have learnt anything about the theorems he is held to have picked up there (especially because there is no evidence that any Greeks of this age could use Egyptian hieroglyphics).[20]

no one can develop the greatest civilization greeks did in just a few hundred years

Polychronio...You have some elements of truth, but most of what you say is so far from the truth...No one can develop the amazing civilization Greeks did in just a few hundred years...Greeks (as Pelasgoi) occupied the same geographical area for many thousand years and worked relentlesly to evolve and expres their ULTIMATE GENIUS...all original written evidence has been "diappeared" so that the crimes of stealing, plagiarising, totally distorting history, etc. cannot be proven...for example, they say that all original Greek writings were concentrated (as by magic) in one place, The library of Alexandria and a single fire destroyed it all, and that's why we don't have it any more and neither anyone else has...and another imbecilic beauty: Greeks got their alphabet from primitive can see the level of IQ of the creators of these utterly moronic, low-life level myths by the bub-human level of intellect necessary for producing this kind of PURE CAMELSHIT...the perpetrators who committed the crimes and still do, expect everyone to be in zombie-state forever... these delusional imbeciles, being devious and  evil and only capable of DESTRUCTION cannot generate anything, let alone anything of Great Value to Humanity...and as such the destroy, out of seer ENVY whatever they cannot steal and hide so the great creations of others do not remind them of their sub-human roots and faulty genes, mutated with them to Greek GREATNESS, which created HUMANITY out of monkey, or near-monkey state.

phoenician left not a single things compared with greek(phoenicians are descendants of greeks anyways)

arrowhead3k13주 전(수정됨)
Some imbecile used the utterly delusional term "Phoenician philosophers"!!!! Phoenicians who left not a single piece of evidence of their alleged "Greatness"...and that tells us two things: 1. That they never produced anything (let alone anything of Great Value to humanity), or, 2. the Greeks with totally undisputed Greatness took it all from the Phoenicians, who were left with nothing!...ha...ha...ha...Such CRAP coming from morons with IQ approaching negative infinity and assume everyone else is even more moronic than them to believe it....How inferiority complexes work to make people insane and talk pure bullshit when their own haven't contributed a single positive thing in the betterment of this world...but try to steal from others with undisputed Greatness, to make them feel like trying to win the Olympics through intense and blatant DOPING and feel proud for cheating!!!... you absolute moron, Shame can try, but we laugh at you, and your low-life roots...

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유태인은 왜 한국을 이용할까

유태인은 왜 한국을 이용하는지

한국의 경제위기에 즈음해 유태인은 미국을 사용해 금융 지원해 재건해에 협력했다.현재, 한국의 대기업 은행은 정부계의 1행을 제외하고 유태 금융 마피아의 자본에 잡아지고 있다.
유태인의 고향 이스라엘은 팔레스타인인의 토지를 이주지라고 하는 형태로 찬탈을 진행중이다.유태인은 유럽에서로 차별되어 독일인에 학사트역사를 가진다.
현재는 이슬람 제국으로부터 철저하게 미움받고 있다.유태인학사트라고 말하는 「피해자」화장은, 팔레스타인인과 그것을 지원하는 이슬람 국가에 있으면 통용되지 않는다.이스라엘은 완전하게 가해자에 지나지 않는 것이다.
유태인은 미국의 자원, 금융 및 정치를 길게 좌지우지하고 있다.일찌기, 독일, 일본을 전쟁에 몰아넣어 승리했다.그 결과 얻을 수 있던 유럽 및 아시아에서의 이권은 방대하고, 그 권익을 가져 전후는 초강대국으로서 번영해 왔다.그러나, 중국이나 아시아제국의 발전으로 미국내의 산업이 쇠퇴해 지금 항상 적자재정의 국가가 되고 있다.
이 피폐 한 미국을 국채 구입으로 지지하고 있던 것이 일본이다.만약 일본이 없었으면 미국은 이미 재정 파탄한 가난 국가가 되고 있었던 것이다.미국의 뜻 인 채의 지갑인 일본이 자주 독립한 강국과 없는은은 곤란한 것이다.
미국은 그것을 위한 장치를 준비했다.일본내의 미군 기지가 제일의 장치이다.타케시마, 키타카타 영토, 센카쿠가 제2의 장치이다.남경 사건, 종군위안부가 제3 장치이다.그 안, 제3 장치는 유태인과의 관계가 강하다.특히 종군위안부와 나치스학사트는 관계 붙일 수 있는 유태인은 한국인을 사용해 항상 일본을 깍아 내리는 행동을 취하고 있다.
유태학사트 기념관에 위안부 문제가 전시되는 등에서도 연대가 명확하게 나타나고 있다.위안부 문제에 대해 항상 미국은, 한국을 옹호 해 일본 정부에 압력을 더해 왔다.코노 담화가 미국의 명령으로 한국의 주장에 따르는 것을 강요 당해 만들어진 구체적 경위는 공표하지 못하고, 코노씨가 묘지에 가지고 가게 될 것이다.당연히 코노씨가 자기의 간 코노 담화를 살고 있는 사이에 부정하는 것은 불가능하다.
미국의 정치는 유태인이 지배하고 있어, 유태인은 독일에 대해서 항상 가해자로서 태도를 영구히 요구한다.동시에 유태인은 일본에 대해서도 전쟁 가해자로서의 태도를 취하는 것을 영구히 요구한다.거기서 때마침 작문된 한국에 대해서의 종군위안부의 날조가 지지를 받아 한국이 일본에 대해서 전쟁 가해자로서의 태도를 영구히 요구할 수 있도록 하는 것이 짜졌다.
이 위안부 문제에 대해 일본 정부가 진실을 공공연하게 말할 수 없는 배경이 「제3 장치」를 힛시에 유지하려고 하는 미국(유태인 지배의 것)의 강한 의지에 의한 압력이 있다.
동시에 미국이 한국을 이용할 수 있도록 지배하는 일도 잊지는 않았다.한국은 현재 유태 금융 자본 부하에게 있어, 체결한 양국간의 무역협정에 의해서 국내산업이 미국 산업의 계열에 짜넣어지고 있다.
이것에 대해서 현재 한국은 금융을 시작해 모든 분야에서의 미국의 가혹한 지배에 대해서 비명을 질러 번 산업계의 부는 미국에 빨아 올릴 수 있어 끝국민은 싼 임금이나 파견 노동등으로 빈곤하게 허덕이고 있는, 그 결과, 좋아하지도 않는 중국에 도움을 요구해 매달려 붙어 있는 것이 실태이다.
한국 대통령의 반일 발언은 직접은 전혀 말하는 것이 허락되지 않는 반미 표명의 대상이기도 하다.
타케시마의 영토 문제에서도 미국은 일본의 아군이 할 수 없는 것은, 팔레스타인인의 토지를 강탈해 실효 지배를 강화하고 있는 유태인 이스라엘의 논리를 정당화 하기 위한(해)여, 한국의 실효 지배의 논리를 간접적으로 지원하기 위해(때문에) 인 것인다.센카쿠 제도의 일본에의 지지는 일본의 실효 지배에 관해서 지지하고 있는 것에서 만나며, 영토의 귀속에 관해서는 일본을 지지하고 있지 않는 모순된 문제도, 이스라엘의 이주지의 실효 지배의 정당화의 논리로 보면 완전히 같을 일관해서 있는 이스라엘 옹호의 논리인 것이다.

미국은 독일의 과학, 기술력을 흡수했다

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2차대전 세계 최고의 기술력은 독일 이었죠
독일 점령후 독일 과학자 기술등 미국과 소련이 흡수
세계 2대 강국 기술력 발판이 마련됨

넓은 옥토 풍부한 자원 기타등등은 그런 조건 갖춘 나라들 찾아보면 여럿

미국과 소련이 나치패전후 독일의 과학자들과 기술력을 몽땅가져가서 지금의 미국과 러시아가 탄생되었다는...
당시 미군들이 독일군 보고 미래에서 온 군인인줄 알았데요
도길의 과학력은 세카이제일!!!!!
독일의 과학력이 우수하기도 했지만, 그 원인은 '물량의 부족'에 있었습니다. 성능이 보통인 전차 10대를 잡기위해선 똑같이 10대가 필요하지만 독일에게는 그만큼의 자원도, 시간도 없었거든요. 그래서 고성능화에 집착한것이 그 첫번째 원인입니다. 두번째 원인은 숙련병인데, 전쟁초중반 독일군의 티거, 판터, 티거2, MG시리즈 등은 분명 그 자체로 뛰어난 무기였지만 그 수많은 실적들은 그것을 운용하는 군인들이 우수했기 때문입니다. 독일이 폴란드침공, 프랑스침공과 독소전쟁으로 대표되는 전장에서 숱한 경험을 쌓은 베테랑 병사들이 있었지만 미군은 침공으로인해 부랴부랴 소집한 징병군, 소련군은 전쟁초기 거의 민병대에 가까운 수준의 전력을 보유하면서 독일군이 더욱 돋보였던 것입니다. 하지만 전쟁말기에 독일의 생산공장이 악화되고, 베테랑은 죽어나가며 그 자리를 징집한 어린아이들이 채워나간 반면에 소련과 미국은 베테랑병사들이 하루가 멀다하고 늘어가자 독일군의 교환비는 극악으로 떨어지게됩니다. 이정도면 설명이 되었을까요? ㅎㅎ