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football is the most popular spectator sports in china but not popular as playing sports

Is football/soccer popular in China? Why or why not?
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Rodrigo Nieves Avendaño
Rodrigo Nieves Avendaño, Been in the middle kingdom for a couple of years
It’s becoming more and more popular. Of the things I have seen:
  • Portugal second-division teams were sponsored by big Chinese corporations. They tried to put in 10 Chinese soccer players in the teams, but it seems it didn’t happen.
  • They are increasing the investment in local soccer teams. And they are getting more confident about it.
  • As a Mexican, I am often asked by taxi drivers if I like football, because they consider Mexico to be a good team (I don’t). It came as a surprise when the Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Club America. Now I want to buy a shirt of Guangzhou’s team because I hate Club America.
  • As a side note, Huawei is one of the big investors in that team.
  • This summer I went to the opening of a new bar in Suzhou. They promoted that they would have drinks in discount and you could see the Italy-Sweden match. I’m not a sports fan, but I could tell that the foreigners were not paying too much attention. When I was leaving, I saw a bar crammed with Chinese people, with a giant screen, and they were really excited to watch it.
In fact, Football is popular in China.During the world cup ,football is a topic of public even  China did not participate in World Cup. Our league had so many fans when Professional League is started.But poor performance and the players is lack of professionalism  affected Chinese football.Not a few people like watching European Football League.Many of they have their own support team , such as Manchester United,Real Madrid,AC Milan and other clubs . But few people like playing football outside because it's hard to find a football grand .To my opinion , Chinese football can get better for there are so many people really love football.
Frady Wang
Frady Wang, living in Guangzhou, China
The popularity of Football is growing in China but not good enough.

We blame it on the system of education. Parents won't let us play football when we were young, because "Study is proity!" "Footballer won't have a bright future"

And also we lack of equipments and fields
From what I have seen, the participation is from a small, but dedicated minority. They tend to play futsal with lots of dribbling and little physicality. I've seen some kids with great tricks but easily pushed off the ball, not aggressive enough, don't practice heading, slower and lower work rate than me (someone a decade older),  and don't play the tactics associated with a full size field, etc. The limited space is part of the reason; most pickup games must be futsal style simply because, even if there is a standard size field available, you are probably sharing it with dozens of other players, so usually several small games are formed. I have seen full on 11 v 11 games with refs and linesmen between amateurs, but these are relatively rare and greatly annoy the pickup players, because then they don't have a field to play on.
Only really as a spectator sport, and only then the European leagues. Attendances at CSL matches are growing, but are still far short of western equivalents. It doesn't help that the 15,000 or so fans are usually spread out in 50,000-seater stadiums, making it look even worse and diluting the atmosphere. As a participation sport it's still very casual, and mostly futsal. I've never seen a full, 90-minute, 11-a-side match, with a referee and linesmen, between two Chinese amateur teams, in nearly 7 years in Shanghai.
Seriously, it's some kind of hesitate to answer this question.the first reason is that i'm not a football fan,and another reason is ,all of u know that,our chinese people is not good at football.
But i think the question for a while, though our football ability is not strong, but it doesn't mean that ,this kind of sport is not popular in our country, just think about the enthusiasm during the 2014world cup across the whole nation.u may say that, it's just lottery,but it indeed reflect the influence of this sport in china in a way.
Take Guangzhou for example,the following picture is the one of the most famous football club----Guangzhou Evergrande F.C. the picture speak for itself.
But the biggest barrier to make this sport more popular i think is, the football field,or we can call it"site factor",there is no enough area to build a football field in China.
It's not popular, not as much as basketball, badminton and table tennis etc. You might say "come on during world cup period people got crazy to watch the games at midnight", yes it was true, but once four years we have a World Cup football game, which usually last one month; except this special one month, we don't pay a lot attention on soccer. Nowadays if you walk by a basketball court nearby a street corner at the evening there might be a crowded of guys playing basketball, and you may discover people play kind of badminton game on the road, but never soccer. We don't even have enough facility for people to play soccer, soccer fans usually drive several kilo meters to get to a soccer court, so most of us could play soccer only by weekend.
Mario Rossi
Mario Rossi, 4th year in China
Xi Jin Ping clearly stated he is a football fan, than we have to expect football to rise in popularity and events, that is just what happen, as you know chinese bought also AC Milan and FC Inter. However their way to teach football is a bit odd, books, drills with all students in line doing exercises and so on… Many point that China doesn't have facilities to play football, that's as you know, is an excuse.. football just need a ball and a field, a lot, whatever.. in the poorerst countries they play football exactly because doesn't need any special facility.
The problem with China is that , differently from other countries, they simply don't let children play because have always to go to school, to help in this or that, do homeworks till late and so on.. It's rare to see a group of children freely roaming in a park for fun..unless they are in preschool age.
Many say basketball is more popular, however doesn't seem to me that China basketball team has been that good so far, didn't win exactly much (last two games lost of 50 or more points against US). Of course chinese football team was even worse, but still…
China still loves basketball the most, but football is making inroads here. Clubs making big pushes in addition to events like the World Cup have increased the awareness of the sport. There are more and more football training schools, sponsorship deals, etc
Troy Tuo
Troy Tuo, Astrophysics PhD candidate
As I know, lots of college students have to pay for the football field in their own campus to just play a football match. Unlike Rio where kids can play football like everywhere, Chinese teenagers can hardly play football occasionally, while basketball court is everywhere.
But fans don't need a field. So I have to say football is popular in China, in some ways.
It's popular to watch but play, because China don't have this kind of atmosphere to play football like play table tennis, and it's really hard to find a suitable field to play since all the open spaces are occupied by other activities.

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