Monday, September 26, 2016

no one can develop the greatest civilization greeks did in just a few hundred years

Polychronio...You have some elements of truth, but most of what you say is so far from the truth...No one can develop the amazing civilization Greeks did in just a few hundred years...Greeks (as Pelasgoi) occupied the same geographical area for many thousand years and worked relentlesly to evolve and expres their ULTIMATE GENIUS...all original written evidence has been "diappeared" so that the crimes of stealing, plagiarising, totally distorting history, etc. cannot be proven...for example, they say that all original Greek writings were concentrated (as by magic) in one place, The library of Alexandria and a single fire destroyed it all, and that's why we don't have it any more and neither anyone else has...and another imbecilic beauty: Greeks got their alphabet from primitive can see the level of IQ of the creators of these utterly moronic, low-life level myths by the bub-human level of intellect necessary for producing this kind of PURE CAMELSHIT...the perpetrators who committed the crimes and still do, expect everyone to be in zombie-state forever... these delusional imbeciles, being devious and  evil and only capable of DESTRUCTION cannot generate anything, let alone anything of Great Value to Humanity...and as such the destroy, out of seer ENVY whatever they cannot steal and hide so the great creations of others do not remind them of their sub-human roots and faulty genes, mutated with them to Greek GREATNESS, which created HUMANITY out of monkey, or near-monkey state.

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