Monday, September 26, 2016

phoenician left not a single things compared with greek(phoenicians are descendants of greeks anyways)

arrowhead3k13주 전(수정됨)
Some imbecile used the utterly delusional term "Phoenician philosophers"!!!! Phoenicians who left not a single piece of evidence of their alleged "Greatness"...and that tells us two things: 1. That they never produced anything (let alone anything of Great Value to humanity), or, 2. the Greeks with totally undisputed Greatness took it all from the Phoenicians, who were left with nothing!...ha...ha...ha...Such CRAP coming from morons with IQ approaching negative infinity and assume everyone else is even more moronic than them to believe it....How inferiority complexes work to make people insane and talk pure bullshit when their own haven't contributed a single positive thing in the betterment of this world...but try to steal from others with undisputed Greatness, to make them feel like trying to win the Olympics through intense and blatant DOPING and feel proud for cheating!!!... you absolute moron, Shame can try, but we laugh at you, and your low-life roots...

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