Saturday, September 10, 2016

turks are greek native in anatolia

Genetic Map of Europe

source: Big Think: Genetic map of Europe
source: Big Think: Genetic map of Europe
Isn’t it beautiful?
Some thoughts:
Sardinia and the Basques: low Indo-European genetic component.
I’ve been saying for a while the Ashkenazim should be considered a European group. Genetically, they’re half-Italian, and they’ve been living in Europe for about 2,000 years.
Tuscany has, I think, a very high Neanderthal %? I’m not sure why different parts of Italy would be so far apart, but I can see why Italy might have problems with staying unified or forming national-scale institutions.
Finns and Hungarians are not divergent enough from other Europeans to consider their unique language situation indicative of major genetic differences.
World’s most famous Chuvash:
Vladimir Lenin
Chuvash are a “Turkic” people of Russia. (Turks are also a “Turkic” people, though ironically, they actually don’t have a lot of Turkic DNA.)
Hrm, I should do a post on the Turkic Peoples.

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