Sunday, October 23, 2016

greek and italian food is the best food in the world comment

4:42 PM

properly cooked Italian food is nothing short of amazing. They don't rely on spice and heavy seasoning like Asian food. Italian food highlights the natural ingredients in their dishes: sweetness come from ripe tomatoes and onion, not sugar, saltiness from seafood, from the cheese. Little of coarse salt goes a long way in Italian food. Sometimes you forget the real taste of ingredients in Asian food because it's masked in spice and sauce and oil. Have you ever taste sauce made from fresh sun ripe tomatoes, peeled and cooked simply in good fragrant olive oil, garlic and bit of pepper flakes. Then served on a bed of freshly made spaghetti? You can taste everything in each bite!

Now I'm an Asian and I'm telling you that you know squat about Italian food making such statements. I did not know how olive oil REALLY taste like until I visit Italy and Greece.

You probably taste shitty food so that's all you know!

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