Friday, October 7, 2016

hamitic(greek race) people have thin black hair(lank hair)

+velerephon LOL they are a lank haired Canaanite people (Hamitic people) they are original Mediterranean and Sumerian people , they mixed with the Akkadians and Amorites (Imliq) the other Canaanites were the lank haired pure native americans ( I am not referring to chinese, korean, japanese, or mongolian) The Akkadians and Amorites (Imliq) mixed with the Adites making them Aws (Uz) in origin and when actual tribe of Ad perished the Thamud another Arami tribe was with Prophet Hud PBH they lived from North Arabia to greater part of Syria , they mixed with the Assyrians , Assyrians had contact with Indo aryan Hittites who are the Lydians and the Mitanni who are from same origin as the Medes(kurds) which is maday bin japheth who married a daughter of Shem . When actual tribe of Thamud perished it was the imliq (amorites) who are from Prophet SaaleH pbh . the descendants of Prophet Hud and SaaleH PBT are the Akkadians and Amorites(imliq) who formed the Nabateans who are the Arameans who are the Chaldeans who mixed with the Medes and Lydians ================================ Medes and Lydians mixed

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