Friday, November 25, 2016

turks stole greek foods

Ultra wrote:
Turkish names Greeks names
Kokorec Kokeretsi
Musakka Mousakka
Baklava Baklava-Same name:)
Borek Galaktoboureko
Cacik Tzatziki
Kurabiye Kourabiedes
Lokma Loukoumades
Turkish Delight Loukumi
Turkish Meze Meze-Same :)
Kofte Keftethes
Turkish Doner Gyros
I am happy for sharing our foods and meals because Turkish people open only kebab shop when they went to abroad but Greeks opened different shops so you can find easy :)
All concoted in byzantine greek kitchens along with names........and since thay occupied greek lands they calledd them turkish----the byzantine bath to the turkish bath-----ancyra to ankara-----eis tein poli to istanbul-------smyrna to zmir---kyrenia to girne-----etc.....even turkish wrestling use oil ontheir bodies like the ancient greeks did not like mongolian wrestling where the turks come from that does not use oil.........the mosques all once greek churches or copies of greek churches with central dome and half domes on either side representing the cross.......VISIT mongolia turks origin for turkish delight if you lucky to find it.............ever wonder out of all the turk ottoman empire that stretched from mongolia to europe to africa to arabia they made a country called turkey in greek and armenian lands in 1923..........

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