Monday, December 19, 2016

americans feels the same about korean as being low personal integrity as koreans feel about americans so at the end it's all prejusdices about other races

John, I think you are confusing the "directness" and "honesty." I have have had business working relationships with both Korean and Japanese colleagues, and my take is that a handful Koreans that I worked with seem to be generally more direct and straight forward, but they do lie through their teeth when the lie improves their position or if the lies suit them. On the other hand, the Japanese seem to be more reserved and indirect, but they do not lie just to gain advantages. At least the Japanese appears to be at the same level of personal integrity as any North American. In a conference call, my Korean co-workers started lying through their teeth about my business activities to make me look bad in my boss' eyes, until they realized I was also on the call. When I confronted their lies, they defended their lies are the result of my "aggressive personality", and they are the victims. I am sorry to say, but I do not believe the Koreans are more honest than the Japanese based on my personal experience and on the former head of South Korea: I quote an article from "chosunonline: A Country of Liars by Kim Dae-joong July 03, 2005": [South Korea saw 16 times as many perjury cases in 2003 than Japan, 39 times as many libel cases and 26 times as many instances of fraud. That is extraordinarily high given Japan's population is three times our own. ]

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