Tuesday, December 6, 2016

greek achievements comment

greece is famous as the cradle of western civilization and greek culture has an enormous impact in your daily life ,we have more than 5000 years proud history! i hope people out there to discover a better image about greece!! our legacy includes: Democracy, Logic,Western philosophy, the Olympic Games and athletic spirit ,Western literature , alphabet (greek latin and cyrilic),,christian literature (bible) political science,(individual rights,citizen rights,elections, voting legislation and executive bills,public services civilian control over the military ,seperation between religion and government,constitutional government, equality under the law middle class egalitarianism ,trial by jury,representation by laywer ,free speech. major scientific and mathematical principles ,physics geometrical trigonometry(too many to write), modern international scientific vocabulary The Oxford Dictionary includes 10,500 Greek words, which constitute 21,6% of the dictionary. engineering & technology (antikythera mechanism first analog computer,Electricity and magnetism ,alarm clock,water mill,vending machines,odometer,steam engine,steets,Waterscrew,atmospheric devices ,Diving bell,Parchment ,Mechanical organ ,valistic weapons,hydraulic telegraph ,Crossbow ,Spiral Staircase ,Anchor ,cement,Wheelbarrow,bolts and nuts ,Thermometer,Cannon,robot servant,automatic machines,rut way,caliper,crane,clock towers,automatic doors,fire hose, surveying tools-Dioptra ,photography,air and water pumps,Fore-and-aft rig,levers,geers and chain drive,Escapement,lighthouses,canals,tunnels,urban planning,distillation,Pulley ,astrolabe,Roof tiles,Breakwaters Glassblowing ,Sinks and showers... economy (worlds first money coins found in ionia-greek lydia and first extensively used in all greek city states), architecture(most government buildings,museums ,churches ,theaters,stadiums and universities around the world are of Greek building style). arts (Classical art,Panel and wall painting ,mosaics,Ceramics,cosmetics,Glass and glyptic art modern sculptures &statues monumentes ,christian art, iconography,greco-buddist art etc modern medicine(all doctors around the world give hippocrates oath and 83% of medical terms and 70% surgery tools used by doctors are of greek origin) biology zoology,botany,atomic theory historiography,Cartography(maps) music (instruments ,poetry,pythagoras tunic ,pentatonic epic music anthems,hymns,Aeolian mode,Octave,Dorian mode,Locrian mode,Mixolydian mode rapsody..), worlds first university Plato s Academy & the Imperial University of Constantinople and education tradition Worlds first computer antikythera mechanism Theater and Western drama including both tragedy and comedy.
also greek music, greek foods, greek architecture and greek medicine etc that spread to middle east...

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