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jazz is chaotic and random and undefined and arbitrary

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I don't get "endless notes" thing in Jazz

They just play "da da da X50 times" like bombarding with 10000 notes on their instrument,(even when not improvising, in regular songs)

I play guitar and I'm learning "have you met miss jones" guitar version by Joe Pass
(I wonder if he arranged the tune into guitar????)
when I listen to the original tune(vocal), melodies are clear.
Joe Pass is a genius, but I just don't get it sometimes.

In the song(along with many old old jazz recordings), it often seems like there is no rhythm at all,(though) just endless notes.

I like that there are lots of chords in the song.(13th,#9s..)

when he's soloing in the song, it's blazing fast but it almost doesn't seem musical, it looks like he's hitting quite a few random notes. and it doesn't catch my ear.. not that I don't like Jazz but..

Maybe I feel that way because there's little repetition, or it doesn't have a "hook" like rock would have.

If I play jazz songs on the guitar, anything I need to be aware of, such as
"make your playing style repetitive for the song?" or something?

on old Jazz records, there is a bass playing the same riff over and over, and guitarist/saxophonist would do the "endless notes" solo thing..

I would like to get a feel of that style of playing.(emulating styles of a pop song would be easier but not this)

I think I'm missing the feel of it in Jazz

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