Monday, January 9, 2017

caucasian people have dolichocephalic head shape

My conclutions with these Youtubers opinions: 1. All of Youtubers DON'T like / have a connection with "Han" Chinese - Huaxia Descendants in China today. 2. Y DNA Haplogroup O3-M122 is the most controversial thinks in all of Chauvinistic Southeast and Northeast Asians Netizens. 3. Y DNA Haplogroup O3-M122 is the most undesirable Paternal DNA Haplogroup. They more like to have Y DNA Hg O2a-M95, O1-M119, C3-M217, D2-M55 or maybe Q-M120......... 4. Some of these Chauvinistic Netizens seems more proud to have connections and more closely related with "Native" Southeast Asian (Austronesian, Austroasiatic, Baiyue, Baipu, etc) or have more connections with Altaian, Mongolian and anothers Northern Chinese Barbarian Minorities. Perhaps, these ignorant Northeast Asians Chauvinistic hope they're have direct ancestors to Genghis Khan or Giocangga (Aisin Gioro Clan). 5. Whathever these Chauvinistic opinion, blahblahblah........Actually they want to hear: They are have more similarities with "Caucasian" People who have more prominent nosebridge, wider eyelids, bigger eyes, Dolichocephalic head shape, more heavy eyebrowridge, more "beautiful or handsome".............Ridiculous! Just it!

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