Thursday, January 12, 2017

german cars are much much more reliable than japanese cars

This article is BS, I work in the medical field and there is a reason most of the equipment is German (Dräger, Siemens, Leica, Zeiss, ect) because it's well engineered and precise. German cars will last a long time if you take them to the shop for regular maintenance, many Americans will run their cars with the maintenance light on for weeks or months before going into the shop, when ze maintenance light comes on in a German car you must go to ze shop NOW! That's because they are built with tighter tolerances, higher precision equals higher maintenance. Japanese cars are built with loose tolerances, built like tin cans that can be abused more. German cars have that satisfying *thunk* when the door is closed, the driving feel of a German car is special. I had a 2007 Jetta that had no major issues, the ac compressor went out in all the years I owned it, I now drive a 2015 Jetta.

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