Monday, January 30, 2017

Nadal's prime is in 2006-2007 not 2010

actually Nadal declined a little in 2010 with injury but He was just so lucky that he had no competition in the 2010 US open after federer declined with the illness since 2008 who is the real king of US open......just because he tried to serve harder because he knows his injury affecte his performance so he tried to compensate that with harder serve to win...He had more increased errors and got slower in running...his prime is in mid 2006-2007 and Federer dominated him...Nadal has no up and down in his game anyways, because his biggest strength is to maintain his consistency by playing extremely defensive moonballing game that tries to win a game from opponent's errors than making not from shot makings because of his lack of talent. so I would say that his whole career is his prime which makes him the longest longevity player....

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