Sunday, January 15, 2017

singaporean chinese guy feel that a lot of japanese people look thai people

HongKonger Fighting Nvm don't care lah, but many Japanese do look like Thailand people I mean the typical Thailand looking people, while Thailand with deeper facial feature look very different generally Japanese don't have those look, but some Japanese do have similar look.
HongKonger Fighting so u do agree Japanese has diverse Asian genetic, Japanese are from diverse Asian origin, Japanese do have different kind of Asian look, they can look north east Asian, east Asian and SE Asian which is very interesting, Japanese culture are also from diverse culture origin, they took the Chinese tang dynasty culture and Chinese writing system, they also has similar culture with Korean and SE Asian, Korean also took Chinese ming dynasty culture, but genetic has prove Japanese and Korean are the most related one than any others(SE Asian, Chinese and north east Asian), some Korean do look different but still not nearly as diversity looking as Japanese, this is what make Japanese so interesting, if u are a Japanese guy u can choose Japanese girls with different kind of look, u can choose SE Asian looking or east Asian looking or north east Asian looking Japanese girls, u even find Japanese girls with Caucasian trait, yayoI Japanese girl aren't bad looking either a least they are cute, Chinese and Korean are boring always with the same type of face, Chinese and Korean really need to mix blood, Japanese good look and culture are from their diversity origin so u can't really get jealous about it, we don't need to be jealous of Japanese, the Japanese themselves are jealous of other Japanese who has more better looking facial feature trait.

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