Sunday, February 19, 2017

egyptians turned from white to black

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Faris Al Nabeel I actually have an answer for you. you know the ancient historian by the name of Harodotus? negro Centrics often quote him in a misconception of what he was describing between the Arid lands where the hot winds come from and the lands of Egypt. Herodotus had a very rare glimpse of an event of not only historical proportions but more importantly biblical proportions. and I will tell you why... there's an ancient history between the early Hebrews and the Egyptians science refuses to the utmost ferocity that there's any connection other than sharing a similar dialect between Egyptians and Hebrews. Herodotus witnessed over 130,000 Egyptian soldiers that were stationed in East Libya to be guards there and keep the peace. every two years these guards are supposed to be switched out to a new area but because of the war with Nubians and the final takeover of the Old Kingdom, other conscripts had to intervene on behalf of Egypt and these armies could not be switched out. this Army of 130000 Egyptian soldiers decided to up and leave and head for the Red Sea. a Viceroy to the current King learned of this and sent Riders to cut them off and beg them to return to Egypt because they had wives and children there. Herodotus was there when this happened I read the thing possibly seven times and there's no misconstruing. he witnessed one of the soldiers saying when they were headed for Ethiopia that they would find other wives and father other children. this is where the confusion lies between Ethiopians Egyptians and Nubians and what black Americans believe is there's and can't separate certain histories they only cherry-pick. now here's where it turns into a Biblical history. there's an island in the middle of the river Nile called elefantine (ms). one side of this island was inhabited buy a smaller portion of Egyptians compared to the other half which was Ethiopians. these hundred and thirty thousand soldiers were approached by Kings of other tribes to get rid of the Ethiopians occupying this island. here is the reason why there was a deed written by Egyptian hand describing the island of elephantine as belonging to and still is till this day the descendants of the wandering Hebrews that left in the second reign of Thesmoses. I have a digital facsimile of this deed and it describes that everything on the right side of the river all the way to the edges of Asia Minor as belonging to Abraham and that's exactly how it's described in the Bible shortly after Noah and his children. if I ever find the link I will post it here but it is an amazing piece of evidence for the scriptures. there's also another piece of evidence for Moses existence and it's called the poem of Destruction. it's called something else by the Hebrews but they sing about it every year near the approximate date which they believe they were escorted from Egypt by Moses. the poem of Destruction is written from the first hand of account of a average everyday Egyptian. he describes a horrific scene of people being just thrown out in the street because they are covered in disease. the waters overflowing which was immediately followed by clouds of insects and other different animals from the Nile River... he even describes this guy turning black. so when you look at these two documents that have connection to Moses and what happened to Ramses and his son. you can safely say that Ramses the Third are not related to Ramses first or second. I will post the link to these two documents as soon as possible but to the specific reason concerning this video and why I brought it up is because they intended these 130,000 soldiers to have children with Ethiopian women. this was at the AFT of the 26th Dynasty that this particular event took place so at the dawn of the 27th is when the soldiers left East for Ethiopia.

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