Saturday, February 25, 2017

palestinians know kebob is invented in greece

Katherine Pappas

Katherine Pappas1 year ago
Why are the turks even commenting , its common knowledge that the greeks invented the gyros

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MyREDTAIL10 months ago
+Katherine Pappas RIGHT YOU ARE.?


MMaC Chris

MMaC Chris10 months ago


Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts2 months ago
Katherine Pappas R u on Crack? This dish comes from the middle east. All you people did is steal it and re name it.

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omnipotentum1 week ago

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no gyros is invented in greece and it spreaded to middle east....just like any other cultures that middle easterners copied such as greek architecture and greek music and greek musical instrument and greek math etc etc...there are so many ignorant american people think the opposite way who slept in the history class....everything middle easterner cultures are copied from greece historically...

Sam Pitt

Sam Pitt9 minutes agoHighlighted reply
Katherine Pappas I'm from Palestine and we even know it came originally from Greece.  Thanks guys much love πŸ‘


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